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Antigua And Barbuda Essay

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Physical Geography

Antigua and Barbuda are two islands between the Caribbean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. Antigua is the larger of the two main islands. Antigua is 108 sq. mi, and Barbuda is 62 sq. mi (Infoplease, 2011). St. Johns is the capital and largest city of Antigua. English Harbour and Codrington (capital of Barbuda) are other large cities (Infoplease, 2011). The island of Barbuda is a coral island (Infoplease, 2011). The islands enjoy a very pleasant tropical climate which remains warm and relatively dry throughout the year (World Travel Guide, 2010). Tropical storms and hurricanes may occur between June and November (World Travel Guide, 2010).


The education system in Antigua and Barbuda followed the British pattern and included public and private schools (Meditz and ...view middle of the document...

Art Forms

Music and Dance

Antigua and Barbuda holds a ten-day festival to celebrate emancipation. Many major events are held during the ten days, and smaller innumerable festivities (Antigua and Barbuda, 2006). Music and dance are the greater of the events. Antiguan dance consists of folk dance and reggae to say the least. Calypso music can be heard throughout the islands as well as at the festivals, and other events. Calypso is the oldest musical form and has its roots in slavery (Antigua and Barbuda, 2006). Other forms of music are bamboo percussion that was replaced by steel drum music, soca, and reggae.


Antigua and its art are colorful. Dinner plates are hand painted, the headboards of beds are hand-carved from rich mahogany, and shell and bead jewelry are strung with expertise (Antigua and Barbuda, 2006). Ethnic dolls, steel and wood sculpture, pottery, photography, painting, and scrimshaw (the ancient sailor’s folk art of carving on whales’ teeth or driftwood) can be seen on the islands (Antigua and Barbuda, 2006).


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