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The free distribution of anti-virus software to home users is not useful for our companies to subsidize as the author Robert Vamosi proposed in his article "Antivirus Software Must Be Free. The reason is, in nowadays there are several efficient options to network security as well as the predicament of user prudence and neglect in regards to this matter of using free anti-virus security. Providing this service is not cost effective for our organization and can undoubtedly be aided by our finance department as this is in effect a finance question in regards to the matter of which would cost more; the subsidizing of free distribution of anti-virus software to home users or the cost of similarly ...view middle of the document...

Vamosi goes on to proclaim that "There are currently hundreds of antivirus products, developed by small companies that you can download for free. But you get what you pay for." He answers his own concern with this declaration, "But you get what you pay for". Soon afterward he makes another point where he claims, "I've received many letters from readers who've downloaded a free application only to find out that it didn't protect them from the latest virus or worm" He also said "The big guys are also quicker to provide signature file updates for the latest worms to all of their customers…". There is a rationale why bigger and more successful anti-virus software organizations are capable to rapidly supply solutions and protections against new threats.The rationale behind this is because they are lucrative and can employ their capital to build up new software and protections as well as preserve a skilled staff that can recognize, define, and protect against the latest discovered malware threats on a daily basis. Small anti-virus organizations that provide their product for free forfeit revenue from operations in order to get exposure. This is the reason why they have not found or protected against the most up-to-date coercion in their free applications.Vamosi makes a bold statement in his article where he challenges company clients of anti-virus software organizations. He states that "Since antivirus apps are essentially useless without signature updates and unless you're using the latest version, I say:Let the antivirus companies' corporate clients pay for the software and the annual signature-file subscriptions, and let the home users download both for free." Vamosi has fundamentally asserted business decisions here for capitalist anti-virus software organizations and their corporate customers. Both of these business decisions have elevated potential to be unfavorable to the effectiveness and fabrication of private companies. Anti-virus companies have to function in a proficient and lucrative style like other capitalist organization.They also need profits and funds to continually adapt to the shifting threats of information technology and computer systems. For the organization's clients, subsidizing the free allocation of anti-virus software to home users may cost more than using other methods of network security. At the end of Vamosi's article he asks the question "Would you still pay for antivirus software if a dependable, free option were accessible?" My respond is, of course, not, who would?Connection between company network and home users:Every computer system that can enter our network through an open channel can connect to our organization network. Any system that can find a hole or entrance into our software is an impending trespasser and a threat for viruses. Any home user who accesses our network has the potential to contaminate our network with unsafe malware. By subsidizing the free distribution of anti-virus software to our home...

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