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Anything For Love Essay

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What would you do for Love? Love is a funny thing and can sometimes make you do things that you might normally not do. For example, when you love someone you may find that you sacrifice your own happiness to make the other person happy. In “The Gift of Magi” both Della and Jim cared more about the other persons’ happiness than they did their own. They give up their most treasured item to make the other person happy. In the end they ended up with something so much for valuable than a gift: true love, which is priceless.
“The Gift of Magi” by O.Henry, the theme of this love story illustrates how much you will sacrifice for the one you love. The plot begins with Della, the main character, ...view middle of the document...

The plot continues to build at this point as you realize that Della is about to cut her hair, just so that she has enough money to buy her husband a nice present. After Della cuts her hair she frantically searches all over to find the perfect gift. Della was able to make enough money to buy a beautiful chain, to go with the watch that Jim treasured so much. You could feel Della’s excitement build as she knew she found the perfect gift for her husband. She knew this gift would show her husband how much she loved him
The tone of excitement was short lived though as Della returned home and tried to make her very short hair look nice. You see, Della knew that her husband loved her hair but was confident when he saw his present that he would understand why she had cut it. Upon Jim’s arrival home you can sense the tension in the air. At this point in the story we know we have reached the climax and we are waiting to hear what Jim has to say. Jim is utterly speechless when he sees Della, which leaves you to imagine that he is upset with Della for cutting her hair. Della is just as concerned with Jim’s reaction. She becomes very fidgety and anxious for him to reassure her that he still loves her and that she looks beautiful. She reassures him that her hair will grow back and that she did it for him, she did it to make money to buy him a nice gift. We soon learn of why Jim reacted the way that he did. He removed a package from his pocket and presented Della with a package. Della excitedly unwrapped the gift. ‘And then an ecstatic scream of joy: and then, alas! a quick feminine change to...

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