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Anything Goes Essay

803 words - 4 pages


P.O BOX 411 Cell: 0832298662
PONGOLA TEL: 03441 41167
3170 FAX: 03441 41073

COURSE DETAILS: Course fully approved by S.A. Professional Hunters Committee (SAPHCOM) and recognized nationally.
DURATION: 12 days of which 10 days are lectures and practicals. The remaining days are practical examinations, evaluations and general theory and legal exams set by the Game Departments. The course is held at Goss Estates hunting camp.
COST: R 7700 This includes accommodation, meals and tuition. A deposit of R4000 is required as confirmation of your booking and the final amount to be paid one month before the course date. In the event ...view middle of the document...

Firearm handling and safety
Practical shooting at 10cm targets, staggered at
30, 20 and 10m, within 15 seconds. +tripod/bipod for shooting test100 meters
Client and firearm handling
Repair and maintenance
Shotguns and handguns
Firearm legislation N.B. Get New Firearm Act &
General knowledge - ballistics, calibres, makes
and various actions.

2. HUNTING SKILLS: Tracking - animal identification and blood
Wind direction and use of cover
Distance estimation
Trophy estimation

3. ASSISTANCE TO CLIENT: When to give back-up
Shot placement on animals
Effective use of binoculars/scopes
Communication with clients during hunt

4. DANGEROUS GAME: Shot placement
Use of baits in hunting predators
Use of hides
General hints

Field assessment
Assessment of trophies and skulls
Knowledge of RW and SCI minimums for
Southern African species

6. TROPHY HANDLING: Photography and traditions
Loading and transport of trophies
Skinning and caping
Trophy treatment and despatching

7. BOW HUNTING: Types of bows and terminology
Hunting methods, use of hides etc..

8. BIRD HUNTING: Shotgun types and game birds
Hunting methods and use of dogs

Information to clients
Administrative information, airport
Planning a hunt
Client relations - integrity, honesty,
business ethics and conduct of a host

10. MARKETING AND ADVERTISING: Outfitting, brochures and
attending conventions


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