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Ap Eh Ch 27 Notes Essay

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I. PRELUDE TO WAR (1933-1939)
---the efforts at collective security in the 1920s---the League of Nations, the attempts at disarmament, the pacts and the treaties---all proved meaningless in view of the growth of Nazi Germany and its deliberate scrapping of the postwar settlement in the 1930s
---World War II was largely made possible by the failure of Britain and France to oppose strongly flagrant German violations of the Treaty of Versailles
A. The Role of Hitler
1. WW II in Europe had its beginnings in the ideas of Adolf Hitler, who believed that only Aryans were capable of building a great ...view middle of the document...

Treaty of Versailles also limited Germany to a 100,000 man army with no air force and limited naval capabilities
3. Poland and Czechoslovakia had defensive treaties with France
b. Advantages of Hitler
1. Germany had the 2nd largest population in Europe
2. Germany still possessed a great industrial capacity
3. Hitler was aware that Great Britain and France, dismayed by the costs and losses of WW I, wanted to avoid another war
c. In order for Hitler to achieve his goals, he had to convince the rest of Europe that his intentions were peaceful
3. during his first two years in office, Hitler pursued a prudent foreign policy without unnecessary risks
4. Hitler emphasized that Germany wished only to revise the unfair provisions of Versailles by peaceful means and achieve Germany’s rightful place among the European states
5. Hitler’s first dramatic acts as head of the German state were withdrawal of Germany from the Geneva Disarmament Conference and withdrawal from the League of Nations
6. by the beginning of 1935, Hitler became convinced that Germany could break some of the provisions of the Versailles Treaty without serious opposition from the French or British
7. on March 9, 1935, Hitler announced the creation of a new air force and, one week later, the introduction of a military draft that would expand the army from 100,000 to 550,000 troops (actions brought swift verbal rebukes from the French, British, and Italians but nothing else)
8. on March 7, 1936, Hitler made his first act of aggression when he sent troops into the demilitarized Rhineland
9. France would not respond to German troops being sent into the Rhineland without British support and the London Times summed up British sentiments when it noted that the Germans were only “going into their own back garden.”
10. as Hitler’s popularity grew with each success, Germany, who had become closer to Italy after their joint effort in the Spanish Civil War, signed treaties with both Italy and later Japan
11. as Germany grew stronger by the end of 1936, Hitler decided to initiate an even more aggressive foreign policy
C. The Path to War (1937-1939)
1. at a secret conference with his military leaders on November 5, 1937, Hitler stated that Germany’s ultimate goal must be the conquest of living space in the east
2. Neville Chamberlain becoming Prime Minister of Great Britain in May of 1936 pleased Hitler to no end
a. the new prime minister advocated a policy of appeasement and believed the survival of the British Empire depended upon an accommodation of Germany (believed the policy would maintain peace and stability)
b. Chamberlain made it known to Hitler in November of 1937 that he would not oppose changes in central Europe, provided they were carried out peacefully
3. through...

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