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Ap U.S. History Comparison Of Hamilton And Jefferson

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AP U.S. History Essay

In the 1790’s, two political parties including the Federalists and the Democratic Republicans began to emerge. The Federalists were led by Alexander Hamilton and the Democratic Republicans (Jeffersonians) were led by Thomas Jefferson. There were several key differences that created the distinction between these two parties. First, the Federalists loosely followed the Constitution while the Jeffersonians strictly followed it. In addition to these contrasting views on the Constitution, there was a growing opposition to Hamilton’s economic plan. Finally, the Jeffersonians believed in a limited central government where people had more liberty and the Federalists ...view middle of the document...

However, the imposition of the Whiskey tax resulted in a lot of opposition from mainly the western farmers. Hamilton also offered to send military aid to destroy all opposing forces should a rebellion occur. “A little rebellion now and then is a good thing” (Jefferson, Letter to James Madison). Jefferson openly opposed the idea of the federal government’s use of a military force to destroy rebellion. Such actions would give the central government too much power and take the liberty of the people. Furthermore, Jefferson and his party objected to this plan fearing that it would give the central government unlimited power.
Finally, Hamilton and Jefferson were on opposite ends of the spectrum concerning the concept of government. Jefferson believed government was created in order to secure individual liberties and most of a nation’s strengths lie in agriculture. He opposed a strong central authority and thought people were the final authority in government. He also encouraged support towards the French Revolution. In comparison, Hamilton believed a strong central government was needed to protect property and the rights of people. He believed in the development of business and...

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