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Ap World Essay

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Rulers and Religious authorities in Africa and the Mesoamericans used art and architecture for similar and different purposes. Unlike in Mesoamerica where the architecture like the Chichen Itza was used to count days in the Mayan Empire, unlike the Axum Obelisks which were used as royal burial chambers. The Mesoamericans and the Africans had very advanced architecture in their towns, like a grid-like system of arrangement, urban centers, and monumental architecture. All of these things were used to accommodate all the people stopping or living in the town. This was most likely because the Axum controlled most of the Red Sea trade routes, so a lot of merchants and sailors stopped in the town, ...view middle of the document...

In the Meroe civilization, people believed in the afterlife, so the pyramids were built to burry them with their belongings to send them to the afterlife. Similarly in the Maya Civilization people believed in sacrifice to please the gods, so special temples were built to let people sacrifice their hearts to a god. Both civilizations emphasized symmetry, geometry, and proportion in their architecture. The obelisks of Axum were proportionate on all 4 sides and they had a secret entrance, and a secret tomb. The Chichen Itza was also very impressive, it had exactly 365 steps, 91 steps on 4 sides and 1 step at the top. This was very impressive for a civilization of that time, to not only be able to incorporate the HAAB calendar (The Mayan Calander) into a architectural monument but to do it using symmetry and geometry. Both civilizations had very advanced cities which included a particular city structure, urban centers, and monuments. The Mesoamerican city of Teotihuacan was especially extraordinary, it was one of the largest cities at the time, it had many pyramids, secret tombs, and living complexes. But the most unbelievable part about it was the “Avenue of The Dead”, the pyramids there aligned in perfect distance from each of the orbit’s of our planets in our solar system and the large Pyramid of the...

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