Ap World Study Sheet The West Encounters Americas

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AP World History 2
The West Encounters the Americas

How did the Renaissance transform life in Western Europe?
-The introduction of classical humanistic ideas caused people to truly question openly for the first time in history without fear. Not only was there an explosion in cultural forms of art, such as mannerism and baroque, but people also shared ideas regarding society and politics. Machiavelli wrote “the Prince” during the Renaissance an became the father of modern political theory.

What were the Causes and Effects of the Protestant Reformation?
-One of the main causes of the protestant reformation was Martin Luther’s 95 thesis which stated everything corrupt with the church, including the selling of indulgences. Luther’s protest, which was rebuffed by the ...view middle of the document...

Just to oppose the Church, people began to encourage scientists to prove theories and not just be the Church's parrot and listen to whatever the priests said. Slowly, scientists came up with theories and their research that soon proved true. This is how the Renaissance started off the Scientific Revolution. Practical information lead to enlightenment

Should Christopher Columbus be Celebrated?
-No because he took advantage of the native americans and enslaved them/killed them. He would contradict himself by saying that they were scared, timid, backward, not civilized and then he would say they were peaceful, “the best people in the world”, generous, helpful, kind, intelligent.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of absolute vs. limited monarchy?
Absolute monarchy is more centralized and a limited monarchy is not as centralized.

Why didn't Spain get rich from its empire?
Spain did not get rich from their empire because they had faulty mercantilism.

Social was continuity in Latin America. The way the Spanish treated the natives remained the same because they always saw them as uncivilized and their status never changed. No social mobility
And Economic was change because Mita (all citizens who could perform labor were required to do so for a set number a days out of a year) were used in Indian villages in order to extract raw materials and it was a forced labor and this changed to wage labor because people did not want to work without pay and wage labor was used to higher people as miners
Political was a change because in the beginning the spanish had a reason for their expeditions which was to find a route to Asia and then the reason for the expedition had changed once they were in the Americas because the natives were harmless and easy to convert barking the idea to create a land empire.

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