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Appendix AFamous QuoteOne of Thomas Edison's most famous quotes was, "Genius is one percent inspiration and ninety-nine percent perspiration" (Buranelli 1).Appendix BFamous QuoteEdison would tell those who were inspired by him, "Everything comes to him who hustles while he waits" (Buranelli 1).Appendix CRailroad TelegrapherEdison served as a railroad telegrapher before his big success. He saw no point in staying awake on the late night job. He was supposed to send a signal every half hour, so he attached a clock to the key, which would send a signal every half hour. This would allow him to get some sleep while still being paid for what he thought of as a pointless job (Baldwin 35).Appendix DElectric Train In 1880, Thomas Edison built a small-scale electric train on the grounds of Menlo Park. The locomotive was much smaller than the giant steam locomotives already on the ...view middle of the document...

After the accident, Edison closed in the engineers cab and covered the motor up as well, which made the invention look more like an ordinary train (21).The model was inspected and looked at by many businessmen, including representatives of foreign governments. These representatives hoped that Edison's electric train would solve their transportation problems (22). One question running through the representatives' mind was if the train would be able to generate enough power to climb up steep hills and mountains. So Edison made a test using tracks that were laid up a steep hill and showed his South American visitors that his machine could easily climb the hill (24). They expressed satisfaction with what they saw. They assured Edison that they would recommend his train to their government and get back to him (25).Appendix ESchool Edison spent only three months in school. After that, his mother taught him at home (Jehl 92).Appendix FOther Inventions Some of Edison's other inventions include the telegraph repeater, the phonograph, transmitters, receivers, etc. Edison also made many improvements to the typewriter and telephone (Jehl 100).Appendix GTelegraph and Telephone Edison's work on the telegraph and the telephone figured enormously in making practical, profitable business enterprises of the inventions of Morse (telegraph) and Bell (telephone) (Sproule 20).Appendix HThomas EdisonThomas Alva Edison(1847 - 1931)Thomas Alva Edison. [http://www.infoplease.com] (9 January 2003).Appendix IElectric-Lamp PatentThe U.S. Patent Office found that Edison had no competition in the field of practical incandescent lighting, so they gave him his patent.OverleafElectric-Lamp Patent. The Official Journal of National Council for the Social Studies Vol. 66 #7 (2002): 396-397.Appendix JFirst Electric LampThe first electric light bulbs that were created according to Edison's patent looked similar to this one.Naughton, Russel. Edison's Incandescent Electric Lamp. [http://www.acmi.net.au] (5 January 2003).

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