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Apple Inc Marketing Strategies Essay

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Impact of Apple Marketing Strategy on Consumer Self-concept and How Various Products Appeal to the Different Types of Self
In their marketing strategy, Apple Inc capitalizes on their consumer’s self-concept such as their beliefs, opinions, preferences, attitudes and what they think about the Apples brand (Schneiders, 2011). As explained by (Budnikas, 2010), Apple Inc marketing strategy focuses on the customer experience as it is fully aware that all aspects of the consumer experience are important to the success of their brands. Apple Inc develops products that are beautifully designed, innovative, ergonomically simple to use and user friendly interface. Additionally, Apple has also ...view middle of the document...

Additionally, Apples MacBook and iPhone appeal to students due to ability to quickly take notes. They are also light.
Behavioral Targeting Techniques Used by Apple and Techniques Used to Track and Target Customers
According to (Montgomerie & Roscoe, 2013), Apple Inc uses its integrated ecosystem, its online and offline retailers and the iTunes software to capture comprehensive information about customer’s behavior. Detailed analysis of this information has enabled Apple to understand their customer’s behavior. It has also enabled Apple tailor their products and brand messages according to the information obtained hence making their products more appealing to their target markets (Lüsted, 2012).
Apple Inc uses cookies and email marketing programs to help them target their customers (Phillips-Melancon & Dalakas, 2014). When a person searches for any apple product in the internet, visits their website or E store, Apple uses cookies to track their interests and preferences and they send them emails of their products that would be of preference to them. This is possible through use of an online marketing program. The information obtained through cookies is also used in analyzing consumer behavior.
Apple Inc also uses retail stores to target their customers (Katie, 2013). These include online Apple Store and App store. Apple stores are retail stores that are highly visible. These stores enables people to try out, play with and learn more about Apple products without being pressured to buy the products. People can also ask questions and get technical support from the Apple Genius Bar (Montgomerie & Roscoe, 2013). Moreover, as discussed by (Johnson, Li, Phan, Singer &...

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