Apple's Corporate Image Essay

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Gloria Howell
OMM618Human Resource Management
Professor Lora Reed
February 17, 2014

Hiring an Assistant Manager; An HR perspective on hiring and job analysis
Individuals think that hiring is an easy thing, until the opportunity to do so is presented as a Senior Manager for Vision Adult Day Center; the center needed an Assistant Manager. Those who work in the field of human resources know firsthand the challenges in creating a job description, recruiting, interviewing, testing, hiring, training and developing employees. It seems the HR process is never fully complete and it is through a job experience as a Senior Manager and through research of human resource ...view middle of the document...

This position requires specific knowledge, skills and abilities pertaining to the company and will therefore not be open to external candidates and will also be restricted to Lead Managers. . This strategy is consistent with how the organization recruits Assistant Managers as well as many of the lead positions throughout the organization. Since this narrows the potential candidates considerably, there are some strategies to consider when posting the open position to ensure fairness and transparency. First, the position will be posted on the company’s internal intranet system in both the tab/section as well as HR. In order to safeguard that all possible applicants have an opportunity to apply, the position will be posted on the intranet for two weeks prior to the formal interview process and will remain visible until the position is filled.
Applicants will be able to apply directly online via the internal intranet system. In addition, communication will be sent via email to all current Lead Managers notifying them of the open position and will also provide a point of contact in both HR and other departments should the candidates have any questions about qualifications, applying or the entire application processes. It would be the goal of the company in this process to ensure fairness and visibility to all candidates who meet the criteria and having a strong and consistent recruiting process will help ensure this.
Interviewing and testing
Interviewing is an imperative part of the selection process and also happens to be a necessary part of hiring. Interviews give the candidate an opportunity to speak for themselves and show what they can truly bring to the position. It has also has been one’s experience that interviews can be very telling as to who is truly prepared to handle the responsibilities of the job. Any (LM) who meets the qualifications would potentially be eligible to interview. Meaning, the company would not place a cap on the amount of people who apply in regards to a minimum or maximum. The interview would be conducted by one or more individuals and a panel of three or more Lead Managers.
It is again significant in this process to be fair and eliminate any bias and discrimination. One assumes that having additional manager’s participation, opinions, and evaluations will help ensure selecting the best candidate for the position. The interview would last thirty to forty minutes and would include approximately ten questions. The questions are geared toward customer service, the candidate’s ability to adapt to change, work well on a team and independently, time management, leadership, coaching and escalated issues. These are all important topics that are needed to be successful in this role.
Effective types of interview or interview questions, specifically for this position are “behavioral interviews.” In an article by Keever (2008), it is estimated that seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies use behavioral interviews when determining...

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