Apple’s Ipad Vs. Amazon’s Kindle Fire

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Price Demographics:
One of the driving factors of success for both the Ipad and the Kindle Fire are the prices in which Apple and Amazon sell its product for. Both are using two different types of strategies in their pricing methods. Amazon is selling its Kindle Fire for a very low price comparative to the Ipad. Currently, the price ranges from $150-200. This price attracts consumers with a low cost value based system. Cost conscious buyers have shown a 26% increase in tablet’s purchase, which is even higher than the overall tablet market.
On the other hand, Apple’s Ipad sells for almost $300 dollars more than the Kindle Fire. While this would normally lead towards a competitive ...view middle of the document...

However, because the Kindle Fire has an older demographic, there is a possibility their future might not look as promising. Younger users who currently use the Ipad will continue to do so as they get older. They will be a more tech savvy generation, and thus could lead to the older age group to fall out of the Kindle Fire and move in the direction of the Ipad.

Expansionary Efforts:

The Amazon Kindle Fire and the Apple iPad have very similar components within its products which make them possibly interchangeable to consumers. In order for both these products to sustain a competitive advantage, they need to be able to expand their target markets. Currently, the iPad needs to be able to influence the low cost demographic as well as the older demographic. The best way for the iPad to reach win over these audiences are to produce lower priced models of their iPads and to make market their product to show the older generation that their product is very easy to use. Apple should also explain to the general public that many of the features it provides in the iPad are necessities and not luxuries, which justify the higher price and the...

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