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Application Of Gc In Flavour Analysis

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Application of GC in Flavors and Fragrances

Dr. K. R.Swaminathan
International Flavor & Fragrances India Private Ltd, Chennai
November 24, 2012

GC – Flavor and Fragrance Industry
Identification & quantification
 Process control and monitoring
 Quality control and detection of non permitted
 Product Development
 Shelf life stability studies
 Investigation of sensory complaints in end products

GC Qualitative Tool
Peak to peak comparison of the chromatograms of the
sample with reference
 Missing Peak? Or Missed addition
 Extra Peak? Or Wrong addition
 Over Addition?
 Cross Contamination

Comparison of Flavor Sample Vs Reference

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11.156 10.918










9.328 9.635











Significant intensity and peak differences in 8-20 min region.


Detection of Trace Contaminants
Toluene in Flavor Samples
 Diethyl Phthalate in Flavor & Fragrance Sample
 BHA & BHT in Flavor & Fragrance Sample
 Residual Solvents in in Flavor & Fragrance Raw
Material Sample

Diethyl phthalate in Fragrance Raw Material

Detection of Trace Contaminants

Residual Solvents

Quantification - SIM Mode


Gas Chromatography Olfactometry
Multidimensional GC System
• Complete software control
• Capillary Flow Technology
• Integrated cold trap system
• Cooled Injection System – CIS
• MACH/Agilent LTM
• Olfactory Detection Port - ODP
• Preparative Fraction Collector - PFC
• Multi Purpose Sampler - MPS
• Thermal Desorption System - TDS
• Twister Desorption System - TDU
• Agilent Technologies GC/MSD

Olfactory Detector Port allows the sensing of compounds by the human nose
as they elute from the column of a gas chromatograph. The effluent is split as
it leaves the column so that it arrives simultaneously at the nose and at
another detector such as a mass spectrometer

Olfactory –GC in Creation R&D

Professional tester analyzing an aroma extract by GC/O

Olfactory –GC in Creation...

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