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Applications Essay

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Google Maps is an application that was released by Google for Android, which is an alternative to Apple's built-in maps application.
Google Maps for mobile service can work with or without a GPS receiver. The "my location" feature uses the GPS / Assisted GPS location of the mobile device, if available, supplemented by determining the nearest wireless networks and cell sites. The software looks up the location of the cell site using a database of known wireless networks and sites. By triangulating the different signal strengths from different cell transmitters and then using their location property (retrieved from the online cell site database), My Location determines the user's current ...view middle of the document...

[10] However, some reports suggest that the surge was actually due to the iPhone 5's release in China.[11]
While Google maps as an app no longer enjoys the tight integration into the iOS as it had as a system service, the new version offers some features said to be easier to use and more intuitive than even the Android service.
Google Maps for iOS has many of the features that are in their Android map application, including turn-by-turn navigation, street view, and public transit information.[13] The application's user interface has been completely redesigned.[14] The original version did not support the iPad, but Google planned to add iPad support.[15] iPad support was added with version 2.0.[16][17]
As of version 6.9 Google Maps offers offline access to downloaded maps of certain countries, a feature only offered in Labs of previous versions.[18] 150 countries are available offline. For example one country that is not available offline is Colombia.[19]
FedEx provides a Google Maps Engine API, letting organizations build their own applications on Google’s cloud infrastructure. This is a great way for FedEx to help its customers locate their nearly 50,000 retail touchpoints on, using Maps Engine.
Delivering packages to almost any location in the world is just another day on the job at FedEx. On average, we ship more than nine million packages daily and guarantee they’ll arrive on-time, at the right place and unharmed. However, our commitment to a superior customer experience extends far beyond delivering...

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