Applications Of Multimedia And Web Page Design

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PowerPoint Evaluation


While each of the presentations is informative and well presented, Team A has elected to critique the PowerPoint presentation of Team B. Following is a detailed discussion of the features of the presentation designed by Learning Team B.


The use of multimedia has become a significant aspect of lecture presentations. PowerPoint™ has become a popular tool by which to deliver rich and meaningful content to learners in all disciplines. PowerPoint™ has evolved over the past two decades into an application that is user-friendlier, both for the designer and for the end-user. An important advantage of PowerPoint™ is that the presentations ...view middle of the document...

Care should be taken to ensure the graphics used have a purpose in the presentation.

Team B uses graphics as a means to transition from one topic to another, for example one graphic is used for discussion on Macromedia and another to introduce discussion on FrontPage. The photograph used on the title slide and repeated on the third slide does not seem to have any bearing on the topic and it might be suggested that it be eliminated or perhaps just not repeated.

Files that are too large can take significant time to download and can crash the system of the user; therefore, one should use the highest resolution possible without utilizing too much space (Rotondo, 2000). The graphics used by Team B are well chosen and appropriate, however, they are rather large and tend to detract from the message on each slide.
Utilization of Table and/or Chart. Tables and graphs should be used with caution on PowerPoint slides. When too much text is needed, the fonts may need to be so small that the text is difficult to see. However, tables, charts, and graphs can be inserted into PowerPoint slides to enhance presentation and emphasize pertinent content.

Team B made good use of the bar graph format for presentation of issues regarding cost. In addition, several tables were appropriately utilized in the presentation, helping to organize the information well.

Use of Sound.

One author tells us that amplifying the voice increases the learner’s retention of the content (Milshtein, 2003). Caution must be taken, however, when adding sound, as each second of sound can occupy large amounts of disk space.

Team B used minimal sound in their presentation. Only two slides incorporated sound in the presentation. Team B utilized transition sound on the Vendor Profile slide as well as the Conclusion slide. The sound does not seem to be necessary as it is not clear that those slides introduce different or more important information that would need to have attention called to it.

Action Buttons.

In the case of PowerPoint presentations, action buttons can be utilized to move a presentation forward, return to home, or provide other navigational features. Action buttons can enable the presenter to control timing of the slides and how they appear. Action buttons can also move the user to linked information, such as movies. Action buttons can be bare or contain text.

Team B chose not to utilize action buttons in their PowerPoint presentation. The viewer was not able to control the timing of the presentation because the transitions were pre-set.

Additional Considerations.

Use of Color and Text. Text appeals to our sense of sight (Wei, 2002). Text should never be less than 24 point. Times New Roman or Arial are easily read on PowerPoint™ presentations. Text should be limited, if possible, to five words per line and five lines per page/slide (UOP, 2000, p. 152). Text should also be appropriate for the audience; a juvenile font would not be appropriate for...

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