Applications Of The Five Functions Of Management

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Applications of the Five Functions of Management

Applications of the Five Functions of Management
The five functions of management, planning, organizing, staffing, leading and controlling are all necessary actions to ensure a successful path of operations in the depot. Each of these functions will be detailed in the coming text to show the relationship each has to the other and as they apply to the day to day challenges that the depot faces.
Repair activities in the depot must begin with a plan. As the depot operations manager planning begins with a complete understanding of the action that must be undertaken. Strategic plans are designed to integrate all company activities into ...view middle of the document...

This is an important step because it allows management to adjust priorities to meet a ship deployment schedule or ship system installation schedule.
The goals for this type of a repair would be to restore the failed carcass; this is what it is called in its failed state, to a ready for issue asset that is what a repaired unit is referred to. Factors that contribute to attaining this goal are the ships schedule either its deployment or system installation schedule. Once that is determined the repair commences.
Throughout the process the little things such as work order instructions, repair budgets, inventory and quality assurance are all in place as part of the planning process. These are all addressed at various steps during the repair.
Summarizing the planning process, management oversees these objectives, it implements the objectives, during the process management measures the results, data collection for further use, measures the consistency of repairs in comparisons to other similar repairs, it seeks feedback and adapts to the technological changes that occur. (Program Management, Thiry, Michael, 09/2010)
Organizing is the next function in the five functions of functions of management. This is a key part of my job. It is this step where efficiency and effectively organizing not just personnel resources but material resources comes together. The structure of the organization is made up of functional jobs within an organization, and they represent “the skeleton of the organizational system” (Steers, Ungson, & Mowday, 1985).
During the organizing function the job disciplines to support the repair are determined. For this activity the job disciplines are the Inventory manager, repair technician, quality assurance inspector and finally the depot operations manager. First the carcass has to be received into the depot. This is done by the inventory manager. The receiving process consists of conducting an incoming inspection and gathering and organizing all the paperwork. During this step the unit is inspected for noticeable deficiencies and paperwork is gathered and then placed in the work folder that accompanies the carcass throughout the entire activity. This work folder is assigned an identifying documentation number for tracking purposes. This process ends with the carcass being inducted into inventory.
The inventory manager then schedules the repair working with the depot operations manager and submits the carcass and the work folder to the repair technician and the repair activity begins. Once the repair technician has completed the repair it is passed off to the quality assurance inspector for inspection. Once the quality assurance inspector has authenticated the repair it is then passed off to the inventory manager who completes a final inspection and submits the findings to the depot operations manager who authorizes and signs off on the asset.
This best illustrates the organizational structure when a formal...

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