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Applied Research Technologies Essay

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Applied Research Technologies
Applied Research Technologies was an up and coming technology company. It was for through the acquisition of many smaller technology companies to make one large company that could compete in the changing world of technology. The Filtration Unit was part of one of the businesses it had acquired from and oil and gas company in 1996. In 2001 this unit was taken over by Peter Vyas. His job was to bring this unit back to life. His boss was a newly promoted VP named Cynthia Jackson. It was her job to cut ties with anything that was making the company lose money and the filtration unit was potentially one of those units. Both individuals were placed in their ...view middle of the document...

If Peter had not given the team the authority to work and research on their own, they may never have found the broken relationship between the two companies and furthermore a reason why the project was not able to move forward and possibly be profitable in the company. Although the unit had failed a number of times, Peter felt this division could still make the company a profit. In the end Peter turned the division around but he was faced with a tough decision in the end. He needed to ask the company for $2 million dollars in order for the project to keep advancing. Although Peter had brought the division back from the brink of non-existence, he was not sure that he could ask the company for the money because he knew that if the project failed for a third time it would be bad for the company, but mostly it would be a reflection of his leadership and would put a bad light on him also to the extent that he may lose his job.
Peters boss, Cynthia Jackson had a very different leadership style that Peter. Cynthia was a newly promoted Vice President who had a lot riding on this project. It was her job to either make this division profitable or to cut their losses and shut down the project. She had a meeting with Peter and told him his division was in jeopardy. The type of leadership Cynthia has is of the organizational leadership style. This is a style that warrants respect for the position a person is in rather than the work they have done. Cynthia must lead like this because no one really knows her. She is a newly appointed VP that has been put in a situation to stop the bleeding from that division, which has been bleeding long before she got there. She tells Peter that from her findings and research of his team, his team seems to lack focus and discipline. She outlines a process for him to get his team on track and then waits for the results to come in. Although Peter has not asked her directly for the money for the project, she has heard through rumors that the program needs this money to continue on the path they are on. The program has become successful over the last couple of months and it is finally showing promise, but there is the weight of the past failures weighing heavily on everyone’s mind. This is putting Cynthia in an awkward position as a new VP. The division has made the turnaround the company wanted it to, but are they willing to keep investing in the product they have...

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