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Appreciation Of Music Class Notes Essay

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Appreciation of Music NotesPitch: highs and lows of the soundOctave 2:1 ratio of vibrationsWestern music divides in 12 pitchesDistance between notes: intervalsScales: Chromatic (12) Major/Minor: (7)Melody: 1 note, Harmony: 2 or more notesPitch notation: five line staff, round noteheads first 7 letters of alphabet, sharps and flatsDuration: length of sound in timeBeat: steady, regular pulseSubdivision of beat: shorter rhythems within beatAccent: added to notes,Synocopation: accents that arent expectedTempo: speed of beat (italian)Rhythmic notation: note head stem, flag, beamDynamics: volumeNotations of dynamicsGradual dynamic changesTimbre: quality of sound (tone color)Overtones series, ears ...view middle of the document...

Scales- octave divided into 7 notes called modes.(Ionian, Lydian, Aeolian, etc.)Melodic Texture: monophonic - one thing happening Homophonic- more than one thing happeningMiddle Ages: 450-1425 C.E. Called medieval ages ,dark agesConcept of form originated. How to graph it.A) Sacred music: catholic church, professionalComposers/musicians= monks, priestsA cappella: voice only, instraments were devils musicPlainchant: Gregorian chant- codified by Pope Greg. 1 (600)Sacred text, a cappella,, Mediveal modes (old greek modes) monophonic textureHildegard of Bingen: Nun, composer, romantic chantThoughroughly Composed: continually new musicPerotin: Priest, notre dame, greatest four part (1160-1220)organum (could singe same thing but different pitches)Polophony: two or more main melodies at same timeSecular music: Aristocracy, court musicians (first pop music)Minstrel (pop musician): Jongleur (juggler) Trubador (south france)Trouere (north france) Minisinger (germany) Ventadorn was a trubadorChorus of Orestes: by Euripedes: From Greek play, 400 B.C.E. Male chorus,wind and string instrament, monophonic A, A'Viri Galali: 700 B.C.E, male chorus, a cappella, used at intro at mass, alleluiaAnonomus author A, B A formSweet Voice (La dousa votz) by Ventadorn, 1165 C.E., solo voice, lute, mandolinStrophic, same music, different lyrics (a a1 a2 a3)Alleluia: Diffusa est gratia: by Perotin, (4 voices, and parts)1200 C,E Organum, A.B.A form

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