Appreciative Inquiry Review

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The Thin Book of Appreciative Inquiry, written by Sue Annis Hammond, is an explanation of the principle of Appreciative Inquiry, which was introduced by David Cooperrider in the mid 1980’s. Appreciative Inquiry is an innovative way at dealing with organizational change, a contrast to traditional theories of change management, which follow a problem-solving model.
One of the main responsibilities of today’s leader is to facilitate change, which is necessary for organizations to survive and thrive. Appreciative Inquiry is a unique tool to ensure that all members of an organization are aware of their roles in the process, ...view middle of the document...

“For Appreciative Inquiry to work its magic, you have to believe and internalize the assumptions” (Hammond, 1998, p. 23).
The process of Appreciative Inquiry begins with deciding on what to focus, which Hammond states is the most critical step (p.32). “A clear topic definition is very important, because out of it come the questions necessary to find out what you want to know” (Hammond, 1998, p. 33). Moreover, it is important that there are not too many topics chosen, so that the focus is directed in the right areas.
Hammond also suggests beginning the process by pairing up or creating small groups with all individuals involved. Having smaller groups serves to ensure that all voices are heard and all participants are active. The Appreciative Inquiry process does not follow the standard rules of interviewing. Those participating are encouraged to share experiences and generate new questions throughout the experience. When the inquiry is complete, each pair or small group shares the information with the larger group, which then uncovers “common themes of circumstances when the group performed well” (Hammond, 1998, p.36). By sharing these

stories, the group focuses on “what could be, based on what has already happened” (Hammond, 1998, p. 38).
The group then creates “Provocative Propositions” which “describe an ideal state of circumstances that will foster the climate that creates the possibilities to do more of what works” (Hammond, 1998, p. 39). By focusing on what has...

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