Appropriate Classroom Essay

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Appropriate Classroom Environment
Taheera Clark
Administration of Early Childhood Ed. Programs ECE312
Professor Toro
January 16, 2012

Developmentally Appropriate Practices are based on research that proves overwhelmingly that quality early childhood experiences foster optimal development of the whole child. The classroom serves as a developmentally appropriate learning environment which supports children’s initiatives to explore, investigate, observe and experiment, while allowing for appropriate risk taking within safe boundaries. In a developmentally appropriate classroom, assessment of young children is ongoing, authentic, and purposeful. Observational assessment shows children’s ...view middle of the document...

When children enter rooms equipped with furniture that fits them they know they are in a space made for kids and they respond with interest and enthusiasm. Child size furniture includes chairs that children can back up to and sit in without climbing, tables that are approximately waist height where children can stand and play with toys without straining, and shelves that allow children to reach toys without stretching. Furniture that is child size encourages the development of self care skills providing an example of how the equipment and furnishings of the children environment support development.
Teachers develop and use a wide variety of instructional strategies to ensure each child’s progress in accomplishing the expected, age-appropriate learning objectives. Teaching strategies are used to strengthen children confidence as learners so that they will be motivated and willing to take risks. Teachers observe and interact with whole groups, small groups, and individuals. They pose problems, ask questions, make comments and give suggestions to stimulate children’s thinking and extend their learning....

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