Apush Chapter One Vocabulary Essay

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Chapter 1 Vocabulary
Old World= Europe and the surrounding countries.
New World= newly founded countries in the Americas.
Appalachian Mountains= A mountain range in the eastern united states created by the continuous shifting and folding of earth’s crust.
Tidewater Region= A narrow eastern coastal plain creased with river valleys.
Rocky Mountains=A mountain range in the western united states formed by continental plates.
Great Lakes=the melting of glaciers and the Canadian Shield formed lakes in the Northern United states and Canada.
Missouri- Mississippi- Ohio River System=Formed to drain the area between the Appalachian and Rocky Mountains.
Land Bridge= huge area of land ...view middle of the document...

Marco Polo= Italian explorer that spent twenty years in Asia and told people of his stories. Many people thought he was a lair.
Caravel= A small fast sailing ship that the Spanish and Portuguese used in the 15th century.
Bartholomeu Dias= Portuguese explorer that that went around the southern tip of Africa in 1488
Vasco da Gama= Portuguese explorer that also went around Africa to get to India in 1498.
Ferdinand and Isabella= Ferdinand was from Argon and Isabella was from Castile. They wanted to have more wealth than Portugal.
Moors= Muslim people that were in Northwester part of Africa.
Columbus= Sailed to the West Indies by accident in 1492 to search for a way to get to Asia.
Corn= A staple crop for Native Americans and was brought from the new world to the old world.
Potatoes= Transferred from the new world to the old and helped feed the African population.
Sugar= was planted in the Caribbean by Columbus and grew nicely. Europeans loves the taste of sugar.
Horses= Came to the new world from the old and was used by many Native American groups to move more quickly.
Smallpox=was brought by Columbus from the old world and killed many Native Americans.
Treaty of Tordesillas= A treaty that divided the world up between Spain and Portugal.
Vasco Nunez Balboa= A Spanish explorer that was the first to see the Pacific Ocean.
Ferdinand Magellan=A Portuguese explorer that went around Africa and went to the Philippians.
Juan Ponce de Leon= A Spanish explorer that discovered Florida in 1513 while trying to find gold.
Francisco Coronado= Discovered the Grand Canyon while trying to find fabled gold cities which turned out to be adobe pueblos.
Hernando de Soto= Spanish explorer that brought 600 soldiers to America and found the Mississippi river. HE was...

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