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Arabs Vs Arabs Essay

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In the article “Chaos in Darfur on Rise as Arabs Fight With Arabs”, the two tribes Terjem and the Mahria are fighting each other in South Darfur. The battle started in December, when the mahria migrated with their camels through Terjem territory near the Bulbul River. The article states that their partnership of Fur Land broke down last year which made the situation worse and led to harsh violence. The conditions have gotten to a point where traveling by road has also become dangerous. One of the major violence that this article talks about is the infighting in July near Sania Daleibah. More than 60 Terjems were killed by the Mahria tribesman.
The ethical problem in this article is the following: the two Muslim tribes are battling each other which is leading to the killing of thousands and ...view middle of the document...

However the question is that do these two groups know themselves what they have to do to stop this bloodshed? Yes, but that knowledge of compromise has to come to them by itself. They are going to have to learn that battling each other is not going to benefit them in anyway. Everyone knows that one of these militias is going to survive in the end but they could come to an agreement right now which will stop the situation from getting worse. They are going to have to put effort and communicate with each other. There is not going to be anyone that is going to confront these two tribes and say “this is what you two tribes need to do to stop this violence”. There is no aid and no help being given to anyone as this battle keeps getting worse. The article states that the force of United Nations and African Union peace keepers began to arrive to help compromise and stop the destructiveness. Since the battle went on even after the peacekeepers arrived, we can say that their help was no good to them. This leads to the fact that these two militias have to find a solution to their problem themselves as they “recollect” from what is occurring in the battle; it is not going to be taught by anyone else. In order for them to find peace they have to question themselves that what they are causing in the villages right now is it right or wrong. The souls of the people in these tribes has already learned everything, they must recall and discover everything themselves. How long would it take for them to realize what they already know? That we can only hope for that it happens soon. Overall, after reading this article I can say that that it is possible for these two tribes to solve their problem if they put their minds to thinking with common sense. Violence is not going to help them in the long run, their prior knowledge and compromise will. Yet, they just have to act upon it.

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