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Arch Academy Of Design Essay

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Title: Important Points for career opportunities in Fashion Designing
Keywords: Fashion Designing, Career in Fashion Opportunity
Designing clothes and lifestyle accessories is what calls for a career in fashion designing. It is the job which entails a lot of passion and creativity to showcase in the world of fashion which is marked by extreme competition, hard work for meeting the deadlines and immense talent to stand out from the crowd.

The world of fashion designing takes its inspiration from the social and cultural trends that exist in the society today or have existed in the past for giving clothing a design which reflects our society. It is very important to understand the need of ...view middle of the document...

The fashion enthusiast from an institute also gets to experience runaway shows and intern or assist established the fashion designers. The course gives the designer the skills to develop creative thinking and work more professionally.

* Develop a Portfolio: The designer must have a portfolio consisting of his/her sketches of designs which can express their creative ideas with the combination of unique colors, texture, layouts and other prerequisite require for the shining of their business. The portfolio will help people in the professional world to know your work apart from your sample designs.

* Internship: Your internship gives you the experience of observing, knowing how people work in the world of professional environment under the pressure of meeting huge deadlines and accomplishing the task of doing good work. The internship while pursuing a career in fashion designing gives the students chance to develop contacts, showcase talent and live the life of professional fashion designers for few days until one is recruited for an employment.

Fashion World and the Market

People wear clothes. People love to spend on clothes and they cannot resist not having the good brands of clothes in their wardrobe. This scenario makes forces the market of clothing business usually high, but the competition is extreme...

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