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Architectural Practice Essay

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Architectural Practices

What I Knew about My Dream
I love traveling and I have been traveling a lot these years. I especially love to go sightseeing in metropolis where skyscrapers were erected. Every hour of the day seems to produce some changes to the magical hues and shapes of these edifices. One of my favorite things to do is to watch the sparkling city silhouetted in the red horizons in a distance. In fact, what I like is not just skyscrapers, but all kinds of building structures such as the Sydney Opera House, the World Trade Center(What a shame that it was struck down by the terrorists!), and the Great Wall. But these edifices do not spur from the earth spontaneously; someone ...view middle of the document...

My Search Process
The first thing I did was to search the Internet. I thought I could find a good website easily, but on the contrary, it was really hard to do so. I used the Boolean logic and it worked somehow. I eventually found a website quite useful to my research: The website mainly talked about the nature of the career itself and what needs to be done in order to become a qualified architect. It also gave information on the employment trends and the job outlook of architect.
After surfing on the Internet, I set out to research about my topic by setting up an interview with an expert in Beijing, China. The expert I chose to interview was Mr. Zhou. He is a National Class A Certified Architect in Beijing. When I first started to research about my topic, I didn’t know any architect. I do know someone who majored in Architecture, but they chose to pursue other careers, so they are not suitable for my interview. Fortunately, one of my parents’ friends knows Mr. Zhou. I was so excited when I heard that he was glad to answer my questions and I quickly set up an appointment with him next Saturday.
At the same time, I rushed to the National Library in Beijing hoping to find some print resources for my research topic. The library was piled up with books, and it took me a great deal of time before I finally came to the room that has books related to my topic. I would say it was the biggest roadblock that I came across during the research process. I used the library computer trying to find the suitable book that might give me useful information. I found a book, “Global Architects: Firms, Fame and Urban Form”, but I cannot take that book out of the library according to the library policy. So I proposed to bring my laptop next time and to finish my research there. I went to the library sometime later but I sadly found the book less useful than I expect. But still it provided me with some information.
Saturday, January 23, 2010 came my time to interview Mr. Zhou; the interview was at 2:30pm. When the interview began, I first introduced myself and told him about the I-search project. Then I asked him the questions I had made up for the interview. The twenty-minute interview was awesome, Mr. Zhou was really amicable and he provided me with great information I needed to write my research paper.
Overall, I think the Internet and the interview was extremely useful, the book was really interesting and it did provide me with some information, nonetheless, it was not as useful as the Internet and the Interview. I like the Internet because it was a credible website and it gave me tons of information about the career itself and the necessary steps I need to take to get started in the architectural field. The interview was also extremely helpful; Mr. Zhou told me his personal experiences and put an emphasis on the some of the characteristics a successful architect possesses. I really enjoy the research process.
What I...

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