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Architecture And The Environment Paper

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Architecture and the Environment Paper

Tuesday 6, 2012

Design Paper
When discussion of the design of any building, it is a balancing act with the environment and the material that will be used to build buildings. The very core of building design is to find a solution between the affects upon of the building and the environment. According to Arkkelin and Veitch, there are two basic types of buildings, commercial and residence, are designed in order to meet the needs of the clients as well: requirements, needs, and activities which are the commercial and residential (1995).
Designing a commercial build needs to address the concern of serving the general public, corporate ...view middle of the document...

In spite of the uniformity of the hospitals floor plan across the US, the buildings are designed to maintain multiple operations all at the same time, such as surgery, therapy, rehabilitation, and confinement. There is a codependency between the operations and the means needs to maintain these operations such as staff, administrative staff, supporting staff, visitors, doctors, nurses, many different types of techs, as well as radiologists. The overall goal for designing buildings is be able to reconcile the needs of the clients and the architectural needs of the environment, the diversity by nature of the hospital(s), offers multiple areas to overcome by the designers.
The balancing act between the users and the environment of the nurses station in proximity of the patience’s room. The need for the station to be located closer the patients’ room is vital to the care of the patients’ immediate needs as well as emergencies. By locating the station closer to the rooms the faster the response of the nurses to the needs of the patients yet at the same time the privacy of both the staff and the patients is greatly deceased (Arkkelin & Veitch, 1995). It is vital that there is a balance that can be found between the locations of the stations and the privacy that is needed by both sides. Nurses requires some privacy in order to complete other tasks that are asked of them as well as the patients in order to be able to socialize and it is vital to the patients rehabilitation.
There are studies that show that the level of lights and the hue are connected to the patients’ recovery time and the satisfaction (Arkkelin & Veitch, 1995). Comparing patients in rooms with windows to those without after surgery, rooms without are not and recovering as quickly as well as more complications compared to rooms with windows. There are more that needs to be considered concerning lighting, such lighting needs to be bright enough to support clear visibility yet not so bright to cause squinting or glare. Further more the use of fluorescent lights provide a more blending of the light and are more efficient in using energy than compared to the incandescent lights. The continuing climate changes are issues that are steam within the realm of the geo politics (Thompson, 2010). The UN and other government agencies a continually growing concerning the desire for improving the means to offer energy efficiency in both the commercial and residential buildings. The fluorescent lights offer the balance that is needed in commercial building like hospitals and the economy.
Designing Residential Buildings
Within the designing of residential building there is a shift. Whether it is due because of family make up or the economic factor a leading the building in more urban setting in the later part of the 20th century (Steven, 2002). In spite of the draw to the "urbanization" the single family homes is the preferred by the hardworking Americans either by...

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