Are Employees Who Are Always Following The Instructions From Their Managers More Valuable To Their Companies Than Employees Who Always Try To Find New Ways Or Better Ways?

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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Employees who are always following the instructions from their managers are more valuable to their companies than employees who always try to find new ways or better ways?

I fundamentally disagree with the statement that emplyees who are always following the instructions from their managers are more valuable to their companies than employees who always try to find new ways or better ways.

Admittedly that it is quite possible that overextended and unrealistic innovation can only build the castle in the air, and sometimes ,will be indeed harmful . The harm it produces is, in my view, both palpable and profound. For individual, it has a debasing impact on the superior-subordinate relationships of the company, in respect that many companies have a pervasive, longstanding culture of no innovation and bosses in these companies ...view middle of the document...

Alexander Hiam, a creativity consultant who has diverse clients, including General Motors and the U.S. Coast Guard, observes "Lots of companies are looking for innovation now. New ideas, and new avenues for growth, are what will get the economy moving again." Current economic situation tells companies that they need to come up with fresh ideas, both for becoming efficient at what they already do and for developing new revenue streams. I concede that innovation is risky, however, there are often economic benefits to be gained from the new ideas. Managers should realize that some new proposals that have been brainstormed by the employees can produce great results. In order to provide a brighter future to the companies, the personnel of the companies should continue hunting actively for smarter ways to do things.

What's more, companies that foster a new-idea-free culture enjoy better decision-making, more ethical behavior and the ability to actually help to exploit the brainpower of the workforce. Encouraging stuff to utter new ideas to the managers ensures that smart new ideas will bubble to the high levels of the company. For example, Rich Sheridan, a CEO of Menlo Innovation which is a software company based in Ann Arbor, Mich., who sets a rule of training managers to encourage and thank employees for their new ideas even when they're bearing high risks. It is all too easy to fall into a follow-instruction-never-create culture. To reward and publicize new ideas can help the company create an environment of open communication, can encourage dissent from stuff and even challenge them when everybody seems agreeable, the most important, fatal flaws in the leadership of the company can be avoided.

Ultimately, workers need to stop acting on every instruction of their bosses, because no body can issue all their orders perfectly right. Employees work harder when they know they have their manager's backing. And for people upstairs, those who always come up with new ideas instead of afraiding to disagree are the most valuable employees in the company.

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