Are Libertarian Ideas Tenable? Essay

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it s no mean task to discuss libertarian ideas simply because they differ from one proponent to another...................I would define libertarianism as a system that permits everybody to do whatever they want to do provided they do not infringe other people s property..........The definition sounds simple and clear but there s more than meets the eye.........It implies that you can open a pub, a brothel,a cabaret,an opium den close to a school as nobody is forced to patronize these establisments.......................So far,so good but plain sailing comes quickly to an end as you realize that such policies are going to infuriate lots of people crying blue murder ,finding your suggestions ...view middle of the document...

.........By definition,companies,banks were small and consequently,if a factory went belly up and the personnel dismissed ,it didn t cause a furore as the jobless would quickly find another jod in another locale!......Job mobility was the rule with people thinking nothing of packing up their meager belongings and heading towards another eldorado........Once again ,it worked because the country was large,job offers plentiful,American workers not balking at the prospect of kissing good bye to their house,their friends,an attachment to their native land...............................But what was true yesterday isn t necessarily true today...........................The recent subprime crisis setting off the worst economic crisis since the 1929 stock crash,is a case in point.......................with the crisis worsening fast,people unable to pay back their mortgage and property being repossessed,unemployment shooting up,huge companies like general motors on the brink of bankruptcy,and lots of small and medium sized concerns shedding workers ,could the US administration...

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