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Are Social Networking Sites Beneficial To The Society Or Not?

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Are Social Networking Sites Beneficial to the Society or Not?
Social networking sites are great for our society, due to its promotion increased interactions and connection between millions of people throughout the world. I personally am in favor of social networking sites because it allows people to create new relations and reconnect with their friends and family members. In addition, the reputation of social networking sites such as FaceBook, Twitter, and Linkedln, more than doubled from year 2005 to year 2009. These sites allowed all users to develop their online profiles of their background and interests as well as share thoughts, photos, links, music, and more (are social sites…for our ...view middle of the document...

People received assistance help from the social network said that social networking helped them connect with friends and family. I agree with this proponent because I have a few friends on FaceBook who have gotten a new place to live through FaceBook connections, a new car that they bought from a friend that they made on FaceBook, and a few people who got moral support from his or her friend on FaceBook. Therefore, I believe that social networking is beneficial and not disadvantageous.
Proponents argue that internet users have more social networks than non-users, and by using social networking sites all the users are maintaining their relationships, which make it easier for face-to-face interactions. Overall, all the internet users are expanding their offline social networks, not replacing them. I personally believe that social networking helps people meet from all around the world, and ends up meeting them in person and have a face-to-face conversation. On the other hand, the opponents say the number of hours that an individual spends in face-to-face conversation has decreased because most of those individuals spend all their time socializing on the social sites. Opposition also says that parents end up spending less time with their kids and couples spend less time with each other, because they use social networking sites instead of interacting face-to-face. I disagree with the statements made by opponents because the number of time people spends on social networking making connection is beneficial in having face-to-face conversation with the same people, therefore, time spent in face-to-face conversations has not decreased. Another opposition made by opponents is that people in same house do not spend time having a face-to-face conversation, but spend time on social networking. I strongly disagree with this because all my family members, including my mother and father have social networking sites and we do not spend all our time on social networking sites. In fact, we do have family time everyday in our house for a specific amount of time.
Opponents also states that a false security leads to high risk of security attacks such as hacking, leaking personal information, and sending viruses. “Illinois passed a law in august 2009 banning registered sex offenders from using social networking sites with the goal of protecting children from online predators” (are social…for our society?). Opponents also say that people trust the messages that are sent out by the social networking sites more than actual emails, despite the fact that networking sites do not scan any messages viruses or phishing scams, unlike all the e-mail accounts. I disagree with this statement made by opponents because I’m a user on social networking site user and I have never received a message that contains a virus or is a phishing scam. In fact, proponents argue that social networking sites make it safe for all the users by having a minimum age requirement as well as default...

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