Are There Objective Values? Or Do We Need To Create Our Own Values?

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In this world of such diverse cultures and different life styles, it is obvious that there are many values that people have and live by. We all, as individuals, do not have our own values except for those of our “teachers” that have had influence on us and that have brought us up. Values have a great impact on the way people live, either in living a happy life or just keeping oneself occupied. There are no objective values for human beings because so many different values are learned through the teachings of society, culture, and religion. Although these different aspects may share similar values, human beings have free will to choose and to create their own values for life.
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Zarathustra says, -“We are bent and tormented worst by invisible hands.”(29) These invisible hands in this case are the values of higher education that we were thought to strive for and believe in. Many people spent a great part of their lives striving for the higher education, thinking it will make ones life happier later, just to find out mean while they have been missing a great deal of loved once life’s, which if did not miss, could have made them happy long time ago. In those cases people need to create our own values, this can be related to the Socratic method by Socrates. Socrates does agree with me that society’s values are okay if one likes them but that you can discard them if they don’t work for one. This is when one should question their own believes and own values.
Same thing is true about religious values, there are those that have lived with those values happily and others that just find no reasoning in religion and aren’t happy.
Some religious values teach people to be virtuous people, so that they can live a happy life. For Socrates as well as for Plato, virtue represents the ultimate human goal, virtue is the highest good. According to Aristotle an action counts as virtuous if one holds oneself in a stable equilibrium of the soul, in order to choose the action knowingly and for its own sake, not for the sake of feeling good. One example of a person who truly lived a long fruitful, virtuous, and happy life was Mother Teresa. Her actions were undoubtedly virtuous to the point where, I wonder if she may have...

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