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Are We Stuck In The Matrix

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After watching The Matrix and reading the readings from Plato and Descartes you se some differences and similarities between the two. When comparing the hit movie The Matrix with the readings from Plato and Descartes there are many similarities. Some of the ways that they are similar are; In The Matrix you watch or read about a man named Neo who by day is a normal joe, doing normal joe things but, by night is a computer hacker. This is his life, or at least the life that he knows to be true. From the readings of Plato and Descartes we consider what would happen to a man that is trapped in a cave only ever looking forward and can assume that again this is his life, or, at least the life that ...view middle of the document...

This suggests that there are people who want to know the truth; that people deserve to have an option between staying in the dark and being brought to the light.
Which option would be better? In The Matrix it is said that, “ignorance is bliss,” by a character that couldn’t handle the truth. Is that true? Would it be better to face reality or would it be better to live in the illusion? This could be a gray topic area, because in both situations obviously we as outsiders can see that there is much more to life and want to tell the “trapped” person so. However, what if the person is happy and content with their life? What if the person would be worse off if they knew the truth of reality? In my opinion I feel that this is a topic that one can only answer for themselves. Much like living wills, health care choices or any other ethical issue that a person would make for themselves. I think that in this situation I would want to know that truth good or bad, because from that point forward I could work on my life...

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