Are We Too Dependent On Computers?

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Name: Shirlene R. Roberts
Topic: Are we too dependent on computers?
School: Dominica State College
Due date: 19th Sept. 2014

The modern civilization lives in the age of information and technology, and, the whole information system is concentrated on computers. Today millions of people all over the world contain the whole valuable information about the humanity and the World Wide Web called the Internet is the source of free information for everyone. Everyone has access to the net, because they obtain it from the PC, a smart phone, a laptop, etc. The older and mature people are still adjusting in Information Technology and try to connect their life with computers to be able to follow the current news and the speed of the effective world. The younger generation are much more familiar with the computer technologies and they cannot imagine their lives without computers, as they touch upon every circle of the human life.
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First of all, the computers are used in businesses, hospitals, crime detection and even to fly planes. This is perfectly work done through computer so computer is essential for everybody. I can say a businessman is able to make profit through his computer by generating a business chart showing how their production either made a profit or a loss. Schools also use the computer for keeping records of each student. Doctor makes reports of patients and able to a make record update. Even plane also fly through computer as a remote control.

Secondly, computers have positive and negative effects. Positive effects such as
having the ability to connect to people worldwide in minutes, share photos with people across the world, watch videos of events, share the Gospel, meet new people, and allows new information to be found in seconds. Negative effects can lead to health problems in the future such as posture and tension like sitting or slouching in front of a computer for long periods of time and making repetitive small movements with our fingers and wrists will affect our body structure. Communication breakdowns such as emails, this had caused a surplus of miscommunication issues. Many employees lack comprehensive writing skills and can therefore struggle with successfully communicating messages, even the most-skilled writer can still have trouble with sending messages across to others.

Therefore, every circle of human life, including business, economics, politics, science, education, everything depends on computers. Every organization has its own databases which contain all the necessary information required for the work. It is obvious that if something is wrong with the computer, the job is failed. It does not worth mentioning, that the modern age of information has made people dependent of their computers greatly and it influences the human life controversially. On the one hand, people gain the opportunity to fulfil more work and spend less time on it; on the other hand, people lose their identity and interest in life, being absorbed by their PCs, laptops and smart phones.

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