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Arent We All Equal? Essay

765 words - 4 pages

Natalie Peguero
English 112 Section 45
Prof. Mayers
November 20, 2013
Aren’t we all equal?

One of the most controversial topics today in America is immigration. Should they be deported? Or should they be given a chance for a better future? Immigrants go through abuse daily, they are treated unequal and as minority. Some immigrants’ are given the chance to work; they work hard but are treated and paid miserably. Even the health care provided to immigrants is sometimes cruel because of where they come from.
Undocumented immigrants are abused all the time and because of their illegal crime the mistreatment is thought to be acceptable, but they aren’t the only ones that are being ...view middle of the document...

There are many professors with heavy accents in many colleges around New York City that are looked down on. I myself attend school in New York City and constantly hear the students complain how such professor does not know how to teach; but in reality is that their attention is going more towards the professors accent as oppose to the actual lesson.
You’ll be surprised how a person’s accent or language can taunt them. Rodriguez explains in in his memoir how his family was very isolated because they lived in a neighborhood of “los gringos”. His parents spoke broken English and he didn’t speak English as much as a child so they had a hard time socializing. In the memoir this is shown when Rodriguez writes, “I was a bilingual child, a certain kind – socially disadvantaged - the son of working-class parents, both Mexican immigrants .... I grew up in a house where the only regular guests were my relations” (Rodriguez 309). Here you can see how Rodriguez explains his childhood being isolated because of his inability to speak English. He implies how his family was looked down on because they spoke broken English. Richard’s neighbors didn’t treat them equal as the others...

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