Argo And The Canadian Caper Essay

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Argo or the Canadian Caper?
Is it Argo or the Canadian Caper? Were they a suspicious group at the airport or just another film crew? Are all Iranians fanatic evil-doers, or is there more behind the scenes? The 2012 film sensation Argo, directed by Ben Affleck, starring Ben Affleck, Bryan Cranston, Alan Arkin and John Goodman brings to light all of these controversial questions. This academy award winning film is based on the declassified true story following the extraction of six American embassy employees who managed to escape the building when the Iranians took over, keeping 52 other hostages. The movie opens with clear chaos in the streets, American flags burning, protestors chanting, ...view middle of the document...

Although that all seems fine, the question of its accuracy can again be brought up, as it is bound to with events that are declassified. As far as Argo goes, due to its controversial, typical Hollywood way of portraying the event, it is not useful for accurately understanding history. Three areas that display this in the film are the portrayal of the Iranians, the addition of suspense at the airport and the minimized role of Canada, specifically Ken Taylor.
When Argo was released, there was a lot of controversy over the unfair portrayal of the Iranians, which alters the accuracy of the film. One of the main things to keep in mind is the context. At the beginning of the film, the Iranian Revolution and the American-Iranian ties are attempted to be contextualized. It starts out by very briefly explaining how the CIA intervened with Iran’s government, leading to oppression and the revolution. Unfortunately, the context is quickly lost, and the film changes to “white Americans in peril; depicting the Iranians as oppressed and zombie-like.” The Iranian image in the film is a strictly religious, incomprehensible bearded man, waving a gun around. It makes it look like all 35 million Iranians are fanatics. There wasn’t a single Iranian portrayed positively throughout the entire movie. Even the bazaar scene portrays it as though all Iranians are hostile towards the Americans, based on the suspicious stare-downs they are given. The reality of the Iranian hostage crisis is that it was run by just a small group of young revolutionaries; not to mention that many Iranians would say they are ashamed of that event in their countries history. D. Parvaz, an Iranian blogger/journalist, discussed in his article how it is very uncomfortable for Iranians to see how they are portrayed in the media. “The movie forces Iranians to face a very unpleasant and low episode in [their] history.” Another Iranian blogger/film critic named Saeed Kamali Dehghan compared the Iranian hostage crisis and the film Argo to a well-known American tragedy. He said that “the whole experience is like asking an Iranian who has never been to the U.S. to make a film about the Columbine High School massacre. You’ll probably end up watching a film in which all Americans are crazy, have a gun at home and are ready to shoot their classmates.” This quote can really make a person think, since it is much closer to home, and it really gets the point across. Both bloggers accurately display that not all Iranians were like those behind the crisis and that those who aren’t are very ashamed. The unbalance in the movie; “expressing a country of more than 35 million in 1979 exclusively through the lens of terrorism and hostage taking” can make people forget that most of the Iranians were not like that at all, and the movie Argo portrayed them unfairly. Due to the lack of context and the unfair portrayal of the Iranians, it is difficult to accurately learn and understand the history of the event through...

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