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Argumentative Essay

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Alcantara, Ma. Romelie F.
11341092 – C42
Claim-Counterclaim Essay
Poor Quality Education in the Philippines
“Every child should have the opportunity to receive a quality education” (Frist, n.d.).
However, one of the most pressing issues that the Philippines is facing right now is the low quality of education, particularly in public elementary and secondary schools. UNICEF (2000) stated in their paper that quality education includes “processes through which trained teachers use child-centered teaching approaches in well-managed classrooms and schools and skillful assessment to facilitate learning and reduce disparities” (p. 4). Yet, the government is not giving enough ...view middle of the document...

In fact, according to Bradley and Green (2011), large class size “can also present opportunities for instructors to improve their teaching skills” (para. 3). But then again, holding large classes will result to a high tendency that teachers cannot give enough attention to each student. Thus, students will have difficulty on understanding and learning their lessons. In addition, Bradley and Green (2011) pointed out in their article that “large classes are frequently perceived as one of the main barriers to quality learning, and there are many studies that point to the challenges of teaching large classes” (para. 1).

Another reason why the government should allocate more funds to education is to hire and train competent teachers because according to the statement of Constantino which was published on Sun.Star TDC records (2012), the country is short by 132, 564 teachers. If there are enough and competent teachers, it is much easier for a teacher to manage and teach a small number of children. Thus, students will learn more because the teacher can concentrate more in educating the students individually. Yet, some people believe that decreasing the teachers’ salaries is another solution to cover all the salaries expenses of teachers. However, decreasing the salaries of teachers will result to brain-drain, where teachers leave the country to find better work abroad which has higher salary. According to Punay (2011), “The single biggest reason why Filipinos are willing to go abroad for work is the generally low salary offered by employers in the Philippines” (para. 4). This will result again to shortage of teachers.
One more reason why the government should allocate more funds to education is to provide quality and updated textbooks...

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