Argumentative Paper About Women And How They Are Claimed To Be A Weaker Sex Than That Of Males

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From professional sports to children's toys, women are portrayed as the weaker sex. The media and pop culture has allowed this to happen. Women are shown as dumb, beautiful, and totally dependent. Although women are shown like this, most women in the real world are intelligent, nice, independent, and not as beautiful as a supermodel. Women have fought long and hard to get rid of the demeaning connotations that go along with being female; yet, being female in today's world means that you are not as strong or smart as anyone male.Since 1848 when the Women's Rights Movement began, women have been fighting against stereotypes alive in pop culture. At this time, women were not allowed to vote, ...view middle of the document...

Men have the National Football League, Major League Baseball, the National Hockey League, the National Basketball Association, along with golf, tennis, swimming, wrestling and many others. The only nationally recognized women's league is the Women's National Basketball Association. They do have other sports, tennis, softball, and golf included, but not nearly the opportunities that men have. Also, women who do play professional sports do not get paid the millions of dollars a man playing the same sport gets paid. Most professional women athletes have to hold some other job or have endorsements in order to make enough money for her family. In a sense, the glass-ceiling exists in professional sports as well. In high school and college sports, many more are offered to women, yet there are still some that are only offered to men. In the state on Illinois, any girl is allowed to try out for any boys' team so long as there is not a team for girls of the same sport. The truth is, girls can try out for the team, but they will not make the team, and if they do, they will not get their well deserved opportunity to participate or they will be ridiculed so terribly they will quit. There have been a few girls on football teams or wrestling teams. Girls on football teams are generally kickers of some sort, so they will not get hurt by the boys on the field. The female wrestlers often win their matches on forfeit because the opposing team does not want to be responsible for their team hurting a girl. For these reasons, many of these girls never get off the junior varsity teams and are sometimes not allowed to make the team at all.Barbie is the perfect example of what a woman is to be like, according to pop culture. She is a beautiful, well endowed woman who focuses mostly on her clothes and cars and not really on much of a career, outside babysitting of course. She has to have Ken there to support her. Ken has the business suits and always is seen driving Barbie's car. This culture is being sold to young girls who may not believe that Barbie could hold a profession outside of babysitting and that she could also wear business suits and not just pretty dresses with high heels. She is...

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