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Argumentive Essay

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The Importance of Military Professionals to Study Military History
United States Army Sergeants Major academy
March 28, 2011

Studying military history is essential for our military professions. Military history tells us a great deal about our countries past conflicts and gives us a better understanding of how we operated in them. It tells us what Soldiers had to face in the different wars and conflicts our forces have been engaged in. From the Soldier’s on the beaches of World War II, to the foot patrol in the streets of Mosul, Iraq. Military history enables us to understand how the military used a tactics, techniques and procedure (TTP’s) to fight in ...view middle of the document...

The objective of Operation Torch was to go in French controlled Morocco, Algeria and Tunisia as bases for bringing The French Empire in the War. To destroy Germany’s forces in North Africa by supporting the British at The Libyan Desert; to open allied shipping in the Mediterranean; and get a control point for future operations.
The U.S. Army was given the mission to invade North Africa at the end of July 1942. Meeting The Target date had several road blocks for the U.S. Army. Soldiers were under trained in amphibious warfare, lack of landing crafts, and the ones available was obsolete and the equipment was substandard against the German equipment. Operation Torch took place on November 8, right before day light, US Forces Landed near Casablanca, another element of US Troops and British Troop landed near Oran and Algiers. Four hundred ships, 1000 planes and 107,000 soldiers, which include a battalion at Para Troops jumping in the first U.S. Airborne attack.
American Troops in their First test against German arms had made many mistakes, Training, Equipment, and leadership had failed in many instances to meet the requirements of the battle field, but the lessons were clear and pointed to nothing that time might not correct more important was the experience gained, both in battle and in Logistical support. (Stewart, 2005, p 138-139)
With the lesson learned from Operation Torch, the army deployed better prepared force in Operation Husky in Sicily. With the development of new landing craft which was capable of transporting tanks. It enabled the forces to reach the shore faster and more consistent. The logistical issues were eased with an amphibious vehicle called DUKW, which carried supply over the beach. The Sherman Tank with a 360 degree, power operated Traverse for a Turret mount 75-mm gun replaced the large Tanks with side mounted gun. Soldiers were becoming confident of their ability and the weapons.

The Vietnam War
Between 1961 and 1964 during the Kennedy administration the army’s strength increased from approximately 850000 to nearly one million. The US Army Special forces role in South Vietnam was greatly increased by the Kennedy administration. The strength of the Special Forces went from 1500 to 9000 during Kennedy’s first year in office. The Special Forces organized the highland tribes and recruited from other groups and areas in the south. There first objective was to set up village self defense and development programs, to develop a military and political shield from the increasing Viet Cong.
The Vietnam War brought about the uses the army air mobile and air-assault tactics, incorporating door gunners, rockets and mini guns on the helicopters. Army helicopters became a key element during the war, by transporting troops and supplies throughout the country where the dins jungle and lack of road prevented the movement of by convoy. They were also use to conduct reconnaissance of the areas, evaluate the wounded and it...

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