Aristotle And The Doctrine Of The Mean’s Everyday Purposes

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In Aristotle’s Doctrine of the Mean, he describes his view on virtue and it in relation to an individual’s everyday life. Aristotle offers the audience a system of virtue that allows them to improve their daily habits, make them more virtuous, and therefore a better person. Through this standpoint, we can intertwine morality with ones personality.
Aristotle’s theories on virtue vary vastly from those of his predecessors. As opposed to the views of someone such as Plato, who believed that goodness came from knowledge, Aristotle argued that goodness, was achieved by building virtuous habits. Aristotle stated “The virtue of man will also be the state of character, which makes a man good, and ...view middle of the document...

Aristotle’s theory of building virtuous habits can be applied to my own life in many ways; if I were to incorporate Aristotle’s views into my daily routines I could improve my life in multiple aspects. For example because Aristotle views virtue as a series of building good habits, I could apply this view to eating healthier and exercising. If every morning I were to wake up at 8am and go to the gym, and change my dietary habits to cut out things such as soda and junk food, I could vastly improve my health. Aristotle’s theory can also be used to help fiscal responsibility. This could be done by creating a strict budget. Next Aristotle’s views could also help to become better at academics and athletics. If I begin a new routine of going to the library for two hours each night and studying, my grades could get better, and if I do it enough this could become engrained in my character, so that excellence in education becomes a part of who I am. In regard to athletics, if someone were to train regularly, doing things such as running, or lifting weights, eventually...

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