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Arms And The Man For West Bengal Ssc

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Q.1.How does Shaw categorized his plays as ‘ Pleasant and Unpleasant’?
Ans: Shaw had deliberately made the distinction of ‘Plays Peasant and Unpleasant’ because hitherto plays were characterized as either tragedies or comedies.Life wIth all its day-to-day complications could not be portrayed in either tragic downfall consisting of blood,sweat and tears or comic incidents consisting of all fun and games.What Shaw was interested in showing was the social conditions that made life miserable for a large number of people because people were insensitive to conditions around them and hence this distinction.
Q.2. Appeal of ‘Arms and the Man’
Ans: The play ‘Arms and the Man’ has survived many ...view middle of the document...

Q.5. Arms and the Man as a Ruritarian play.
Ans: A Ruritanian Romance is a story set in a fictional country, usually in Central or Eastern Europe, such as the Ruritania that gave the genre its name. Anthony Hope, an English novelist , wrote a popular romantic tale called ‘The Prisoned of Zenda’ about that imaginary country, Ruritania where imaginary lands , gorgeous dress , aristrocatic lifestyle etc. were used and thereafter it was fashion. In ‘ Arms and yhe Man’ though shaw has used actual place, Bulgaria the other things were based on imagination and were like Ruritarian Tales.
Q.6. Arms and the Man is a drama of conversation.
Ans: Shaw with his eloquence tries to pen-picturise the ineffectivity of the traditional concept of love and war.With prolonged conversation , argument, detailed information with ultimate lethargic reaction in audience and thus is apt as a drama of conversation as a literary theory.
Q.7. Arms and the Man as a drama of ideas.
Ans: A drama os ideas is such a drama where the ideas of the dramatist are aired through the dramatic conflict rather than through dramatic action.The follower of Ibsenian concept Shaw, the Ruritarian playwright deals with two socio-economic concept i.e. love and war with argumentative glorification of their complicated modern concept putting every character with an idea criticizing the imbecile personal heroism and higher love and thus dramatizes drama of ideas.
Q.8. Comment on the title of the drama ‘Arms and the Man’.
Or Comment on the sources of the drama ‘Arms and the Man’.
Ans: Bernard Shaw borrowed the title from the opening line of Virgil’s great epic Aeneid, as stated by Shaw himself in the Preface of ‘Plays Pleasant’,which reads as follows: “Arma virumque cano", meaning “Of arms and the man I sing”. Shaw’s obvious purpose was...

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