Around The World In A Heart Shaped Balloon

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Around the World in a Heart Shaped Balloon

When I was a little girl I adored going to the movies. I especially loved movies with a romantic plot, and a happy ending. As a child, I remember sitting in the theatre and being mesmerized by everything that was happening on the screen. Films like The Little Mermaid, Aladdin, and Beauty and the Beast made a concrete impression on my mind. Even at such a young age I loved the romance of these stories. The thought of one day being carried off by a handsome prince was a very fascinating concept for me as a little girl. Beauty and the Beast was my favorite. My grandparents took me to see it for the first time. After that, I was hooked. I got ...view middle of the document...

I took a pencil, and began to sketch out my vision. A forrest scene with brightly colored fairies surrounding the marriage of the beautiful Fairy Queen to a half man half donkey creature. On the opposite side I wanted to paint the two love sick couples in the play sleeping in the grass beneath the trees. I never got to paint my mural, but it would have been magnificent.

There was a phase I went through where I loved magic, and spells. “ A Mid Summer Night’s Dream” is filled with magic. Magical creatures, spells and potions all became entwined to create the magic of the play itself. I loved the thought of nature, and the stars , and fate all playing a part in everyone's life. I began to become interested in horoscopes, tarot cards, and learning about the cosmic nature of the earths elements. At this point in my life I burned a large number of candles and incense. I knew how to read palms, and I had a cup of destiny, out of which I read tea leaves. My friends and I would read each others futures. Sometimes the things we predicted actually came true! One time my horoscope told me that I would, “Come into some unexpected money.” A few days later I found a twenty dollar bill on the floor at the roller rink. I turned it in to lost and found, and at the end of the night when no one claimed it I got to keep it. Was it coincidence? No, it was written in the stars! That wasn’t the only time one of our predictions of the future came true. I really loved the thought of fate, and magic. My best friend even went so far as to buy me a spell kit. (Which I never used).

In middle school I read a book entitled “The Beacon at Alexandria” by Gillian Bradshaw. It takes place in Ancient Mediterranean, mostly in Egypt. It was filled with beautiful cultures, and forbidden love. It was very romantic. Quickly “The Beacon at Alexandria” became my favorite book, and I began studying everything Egyptian. I studied the pyramids, the stories about the Gods, the rituals they performed, and what different foods were used for. I loved the late period in Egyptian history, during Cleopatra's era and thereafter. I even bought an Egyptian papyrus (replica) with a painting of an Egyptian queen. That painting hung on my wall for years.

When Disney’s Mulan came out into theatres another major transition in my life occurred. Suddenly I realized that I loved everything Oriental. Imagine that! Not only did I love the look of the Orient, but I loved the way the Chinese culture handled romance. Everything was very elaborate, beautiful, elegant, and graceful. These were all aspects that I wanted to see in myself. I immediately began learning about Chinese culture. I began reading Amy Tan books such as “The Joy Luck Club”, “The Bonesetter’s Daughter”, and “The Hundred Secret Senses”. Chinese food had always been a favorite of mine, but I really began to learn about the Chinese culinary world. One time I cooked my family an entire four course meal using authentic Chinese recipes and...

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