Arousal, Emotion And Motivation Essay

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Arousal Motivation and EmotionArousal refers to the activation of the body. In better words it refers to the level of activation or energy that a person needs to mobilize for performing any behavior. There are two types of arousal, physiological and psychological arousal. Physiological arousal refers to those bodily changes that correspond to our feeling of being activated. Increased heart rate and blood pressure, muscular tension and sweating are all examples of this. The autonomic nervous system is what controls this. This is also broken up into 2 groups, ...view middle of the document...

The energetic arousal dimension is characterized into low and high ends. Low consists of tiredness and sleepiness. High on the other hand is referring to vigor and liveliness. The second dimension is called tense arousal. Tense arousal is broken into low and high, low being calmness and stillness and high being tension and anxiety.There are 4 sources of arousal. The first being stimuli or intensity of a stimulus. The characteristics of a stimulus can be classified as novelty and complexity. The second being incentives, which can either be a positive approach or a negative avoid approach. The third is tasks. Tasks depend on two factors, importance of arousal levels, and different levels of arousal levels which increase depending on the level of the task. The last source is the individual's source of arousal, which varies with each individual.Arousal and behavior are related. It is known that an increase in arousal is usually accompanied by both increases and decreases in behavior efficiency. With many, the time of day matters. Individual arousal is controlled by his/her internal bio-rhythm. This refers to a 24-hour change in a person sleep wake cycle. This also includes changes in body temp., heart rate and blood pressure. As the body temp increases from morning till noon then declines, so does the arousal and efficiency.

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