Arranged Marriages Essay

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Arranged Marriage vs. Love Marriage
Imagine this: you’re standing at the altar next to a man that you’ve talked to for less than fifteen minutes, contemplating of the new life you will be spending with this stranger. This is not the rare occasion of someone getting “hitched” at Vegas; it is an arranged marriage. It is the norm in many foreign countries. Billions of people around the world get married to someone they barely know. Although arranged marriages are more prevalent in the world, love marriages create more authentic relationships, allow for personal choice, and lead to more equality for women.
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When an arranged marriage is considered, the parents, or whoever is picking the spouse, assure that the newlyweds will be financially secure. Although this is not necessarily a negative aspect of arranged marriage, the fact that financial status plays such a large role may result in the disregard to the compatibility of the couple. These marriages were "primarily born out of the desire and/or need for a financial, political, or property-based relationship" (Fox News). The nature of arranged marriages has been centered around financial stability from the day it was implemented into society, and this shows a major flaw in this type of marriage. Social class is also implicated in choosing partners in an arranged marriage. This way, high-class families marry into other high-class families and lower-class families marry into other lower-class families. Communities in which arranged marriages are instituted greatly value the family name. "The custom varies from community to community, but arranged marriage is often a way of ensuring that a family continues its religious traditions or caste" (PBS). This form of marriage is selfish of the families and inconsiderate to the couple involved. A crucial defect in arranged marriage is that it allows for minimal class changes. It creates an unequal, unchanging economy where the rich stay rich and the poor stay poor, which is an indicator of an undeveloped economy. All of these reasons for marriage are unethical and are centered around self-interest on behalf of one of the spouses or by the parents. All of these reasons may benefit the couple in some ways, but none of them involve a emotional and psychological relationship between the partners, which is a key aspect in matrimony.
Along with unauthentic relationships, arranged marriages inhibit one’s personal choice. The freedom to choose is one of the greatest rights humans can exercise. This freedom enables people to choose Burger King over McDonalds, Harvard over Yale, and Law school over Med School. A choice is a personal matter and should reflect the ideas and thoughts of the person making the choice. Without personal choice, who are we? In marriage, the two people being bonded should have the ability to pick and choose whether or not they want to get married and who they wish to get married to. A choice as great as marriage should primarily involve the people whose lives it will be directly effecting. However, an arranged marriage deprives them of that choice, a major decision that will affect all other choices they make in life. Arranged marriages do not allow for an adult to make an adult decision on who they want to be with for the rest of their lives. Instead, they call for adults being treated as children whereas the parents get to pick their play dates. In America, as well as in many other countries, eighteen is considered as the legal age where one is free to make his or her own decision without parental approval. Between the age of eighteen and...

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