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Art Exhibit Essay

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Tiffany White
Museum Assignment # 2
Anthro 111A 104; April 10, 2012

African Art Exhibit
The St. Louis Art Museum is, in my opinion, one of the most fascinating art galleries in the Midwest. I have visited the Holocaust Museum and the Science Center and I cannot compare this art museum to any other. The museum has exhibits ranging from Native American, Islamic, Oceanic and European art dating back to the 1800s. On April 5, 2012, I visited the art museum for a one and a half hour tour to take pictures, learn about the past, and study another type of culture that I was not very educated in. The St. Louis Art museum is located in Forest Park, right off the highway. The museum is three ...view middle of the document...

Grave goods consisting of jewelry, food, furniture, and other valuables left behind to bury so these items could be carried into the afterlife with the deceased owner.
With this collection being here for nearly forty years, people all over the world have come to see this collection and look at these artifacts that are found nowhere else in the world. Egyptian artifacts are important, valuable, and rare pieces of history. Many of these artifacts are so rare, that it is important to protect and cherish the Egyptian art as long as possible. St. Louis is very proud to display such a collection because other museums do not always have the opportunity to do so for as long as St. Louis has.
One of the more broadcasted pieces in this exhibit is the Ka Nefer Nefer mask. This mask was excavated in 1952 about 16 miles south of Cairo by Dr. Ghanyum. The mask was so well preserved that it needed no modifications but a little dusting. The mask is so well in tact that is it said to be a face of a young noblewoman knows as, Ka Nefer Nefer. The mask is 20 inches long, with its glass eyes and gold face, it is breathtaking from its sophisticated hand details to its molded features. The museum purchased the mask in 1988 for half a million dollars from the Phoenix Ancient Art Museum in New York City. With recent updating, the art museum was taken to court because Egypt claimed that the artifact had been stolen. The museum stated, "Museum officials have said they researched that mask's ownership history before buying it and had no indications that there were questions about how it arrived in the United States." However, the mystery on how the mask left Egypt is still questionable. From the Egyptian emic perspective, it is wrong for us to possess and show these artifacts due to the disruption on these sacred tombs. But from an etic perspective, this collection is valuable to the American culture because it gives more understanding on Egyptian historic culture.
One other piece of history that I found fascinating was the Amen-Nestawy-Nakht. This is the "mummy" that is located at the museum in the lower level. This was a priest of Amun that was buried in a painted,...

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