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Art Genre Paper

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Art Genre Paper
University of Phoenix
March 23, 2009

Abstract Expressionism
Genre art evolved from the Dutch Baroque painters in the 17th century. The term “genre” generally refers to the pictorial representations in various media types that represent events of daily living. Such representations can be people, places, activities, parties, a building’s interior or a scenic outdoor setting. These scenes can be realistic, imagined, or even romanticized by the artist. This paper will examine abstract expressionism’s historical development and evolution of style, characteristics of the genre, influential styles or its influence on other styles, the influence of ...view middle of the document...

This group found that directness of expression was instrumental in their artwork and was actually achieved through the lack of premeditation when composing a piece. Abstract Expressionist began to ‘mature’ in their techniques and forms of creating art. In the mid-1940s a new technique for painting was developed which involved pouring and dripping thinned paint onto canvas that was on the floor. This differed from traditional techniques which utilized a paint brush to put the paint onto the canvas. These paintings were nonobjective in their content, scale, and technique and were viewed to many as shocking. After some time the artwork created by this group matured even further with regard to their color fields which used simplified, large-format, color-dominant fields to display their design. Some believed that this was done to achieve an element of impact whereas; others saw it as a way to achieve the sublime, rather than the beautiful (The Metropolitan Museum of Art, 2000-2013).
Characteristics of Abstract Expressionism
Abstract expressionism spread rapidly throughout the world on the wings of modern mass communication, originating in New York City when a number of European fled. The term “abstract expressionism” was first used by art critic Robert Coates in 1946, in reference to artists Maxim Gorky, Jackson Pollack and Willem de Kooning, all three influential artist who are considered to be abstract expressionist (Brent, 2013). However, the characteristics of what constitutes abstract expressionism is difficult to define, as these three artist, worked in very different styles. According to “perceiving the arts”, abstract expressionism is a mid-twentieth-century visual art movement characterized by non-traditional brushwork, nonrepresentational subject matter, and expressionist emotional value (Sporre, 2011, p.48). Abstract Expressionism evolved through the work of each individual artist. Willem de Kooning's paintings usually depicted a form, albeit in a highly abstract manner. However, de Kooning shared Pollock's use of vibrant colors, with wild, broad swaths of paint that seemed to be impulsively, almost violently applied to the canvass. Kooning’s paintings were also known as action paintings. Mark Rothko was initially influenced by surrealism, but by the latter part of the 1940s he developed his distinctive style. Rothko's work is instantly identifiable, as his paintings consist of large rectangles of different colors that would blend into each other. Rothko's intent was to convey emotion with the colors; by doing away with the figure entirely, the viewer's attention is focused solely on the interaction between colors and the feeling it evokes. Jackson Pollack techniques evolved during the 1940s and 1950s, but he remains most identified with his technique of dripping and pouring paint on canvasses while he laid on the floor. Pollock would also mount a canvass on a wall and fling the paint at it (Brent, 2013). The work of Jackson Pollack...

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