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“Egyptian Art”

Egypt was one of the recognized art through out the history cause of the style and reasons on having that kind of artstyle. Amazingly, some of the things we knew about egyptian art or the egypt itself Isn’t actually true. Let’s find it out.

“ The time when Egyptians take over”
Even though Mesopotamia started the civilization craze, Egypt has a civilization that they depended the Nile River, Which lasted for 30,000 years.
When someone became a new Pharaoh, he noticed that the pyramids are getting old, including Cleopatra. So the Egyptologists invented a new system to identify the periods of Egyptian Rule.The OLD KINGDOM, MIDDLE KINGDOM, NEW KINGDOM, And ...view middle of the document...

But that doesn’t mean that egyptians weren’t creative, They drew intersting gods such as lion headed goddesses,Hawk headed gods, and so on so forth.
Since they call themselves a living god, The looks or art style didn’t change no matter what they look like. They have symbols that they can’t change even if you’re a man or a woman. Symbols like The Crook and flail, and also a false beard. Yes, people has to have a false beard if you’re reigning in their kingdom.
“The Crook and Flail”
These were mostly seen on the living gods and their coffins too. They represent “rule” as to know who is the one who reigns the kingdom. It was like their pride as pharaohs.It was also represented as an emblem of the god Osiris, It signifies kingships and such things that would make you recognized as a ruler as i said so not long ago. These symbols also represented the capturing and releasing of different energies..ei..positive and negative forces. lower and upper Kemet.
“Death and the Afterlife”
As you can see from their art and their lifestyle,...

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