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Created in the early renaissance Donatello’s sculpture of David was made of bronze and reached 158 cm. David is naked in the sculpture, other than his hat and boots. He has an uncertain smirk on his face. This statue was depicting David after defeating Goliath, he carries his sword and has his foot on Goliath’s head. This piece had been suggested to be an example of homo-eroticism. But this piece also suggests to the peasant child the bible depicts in the original David and Goliath. Donatello’s David shows David’s features to be more realistic with a more pudgy stomach and less firm behind, it was said to have been considered to life like and this was controversial at the time. This was the first unsupported ...view middle of the document...

The eyes of David are said to be turned to face Rome in a warning glare, Michelangelo depicted to moment of David just before the contest between David and Goliath. His version is much more masculine version of David in comparison to Donatello’s.
Berini’s David was a life size sculpture also made of marble sculpted between 1623 and 1624 sculpted during the Baroque period, when artists were fascinated by movement and action. Berini shows David as he fights with Goliath, which captures the motion of David as he throws the stone at Goliath. David is not nude in this sculpture. Baroque artists strove for anatomically correct figures so Berini’s David is created more in proportion than that of Michelangelo’s David was. Berini chose to show a story in his David, his armor is at his feet his harp, the statue interacts with his surroundings which Michelangelo’s does not. Berini’s sculpture is made to be viewed at all angles which draws the viewer into the scene rather than to view as an observer of the scene.
I like Berini’s depiction of David the best. Although I like that Donatello’s David is the most accurate to the original bible story of the three sculptures because he is young in Donatello’s version. Berini’s depiction is one of few to depict David in action fighting Goliath. This action shot is typical of Baroque art as can be seen in paintings like those of Caravaggio. But the detail and beauty he was able to portray in marble to me is something that should be highly commended as an artist and as his piece of art. I also see much more symbolism in the Berini David. There is a lot more biblical references in the Berini version which I like because the original story comes from the bible.

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