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Art in America March 2009
Art in America was the first magazine to catch my eye while browsing through Barnes and Nobles. The colors of the front page sent my vision all over the page. Yet it was not the colors that made me want to read further into this issue. I found the picture of four children lying in a sleeping a bag with AK-47s very controversial. The cover is set off by a bright pink blanket that grasps your eyes and leads you to see the delicate faces of four little girls sleeping. The space of the cover is used very effectively. It kept my eyes wandering the page constantly. As I looked at the picture I was amazed that the four girls are cradling machine guns. I ...view middle of the document...

Of those four mediums I only found myself interested in her photography. Her explanations of her other work in the interview seemed very boring. All of her other work seemed like a use of art to get back at those people that have held her back in her life. My interpretation of art is to find the beauty in the world not to use it as a platform to show that you made it despite other people. She explained her feelings on the photos as being a contrast of children that watch all different types of unedited television shows to the culture they live in which is a Buddhist community. I was very dissatisfied with her explanation of her work. I felt it could have been a much deeper piece of work rather than a contrast between a television show and war shows. I could not help but become uninterested and go back to the pictures. Her photos were amazing; the use of contrasting colors took your eyes throughout the photos. The picture “The Family VI” is an excellent example of this; the young boy is standing on chair, two white lines running down each side of the wall behind him make his posture and facial features stand out. Two guns in hand, he sends out a message of independence by force. There is white paint that is scattered throughout the background, which makes the child in the foreground pop out of the picture. Marina Abramovic uses these contrasting colors in many of the photographs she took in the “Family” series. I interpreted these pictures as conveying an emotion of fearlessness. Seeing a child with any kind of a weapon makes me believe that these are extremely tough kids that are willing to stand up for themselves. The photo on the front cover is set up with four children from Laos sleeping with machine guns. This portrays a child in an unsafe time. And everyday that goes by and nothing is done, these children become more like an adult, and face adult situations. This is a good example of being forced to grow up in a time of war. This series of photos all brought me the same feeling. Yet as I found out reading the article her...

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