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In the boundaries of today’s Bosnia and Herzegovina there have been many layers of prehistory cultures and their creation and disappearance is linked to migrations of unidentified ethnic groups.
Paleolithic in B&H is market with oldest monument of Paleolithic in southeastern Europe - engravings in cave Badanj near Stolac in Herzegovina. The magnificent one is Horse attacked by arrows, preserved in fragments and dated around 14500-12000 B.C.
During time when Neolithic and Copper cultures were appearing, in Bosnia and Herzegovina have happened interesting mixture of Mediterranean cultures and those of Panonian cultures. Herzegovina was under the influence of impresso ceramics from western ...view middle of the document...

During that time, bronze arms, decorated plates, flat necklaces and fibulas were decorated with specific geometrical style of engraved ornaments.
From 7th century BC bronze is replaced by iron, and only jewelry and art objects were still made out of bronze. Bronze culture of Illyrians, ethnic group with distinct culture and art form started to organize itself on today’s Croatia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina. Different Illyrian tribes, under the influence of Halstat cultures from north, formed original regional centers. With the notable exception of Pod near Bugojno in the upper valley of the Vrbas River, nothing is known of their settlements. In eastern Bosnia in the cemeteries of Belotić and Bela Crkva, the rites of inhumation and cremation are attested, with skeletons in stone cists and cremations in urns. Metal implements appear here side-by-side with stone implements. Most of the remains belong to the fully developed Middle Bronze Age. Very important role in their life was the cult of the dead, which is seen in their careful burials and burial ceremonies, as well as richness of the burial cites. In northern parts there was long tradition of cremation and burial in shallow graves, while in the south the dead were buried in large stone, or earth tumuli (natively called – gromile) that in Herzegovina were reaching monumental sizes, more than 50 m wide and 5 m high. Japodian tribes (found around Bihać) have had affinity to decoration (heavy, oversized necklaces out of yellow, blue or white glass paste, and large bronze fibulas, as well as spiral bracelets, diadems and helmets out of bronze foil.
In 4th century BC first outbreak of Celts is...

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