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"Arthur To Her Book", By Anne Bradstreet

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The Author to her BookJust as the seasons, and weather differentiates human attitudes and emotions tend to also. Anne Bradstreet makes the reader well aware of the indecisiveness of human attitudes as well as emotions in her poem, "The Author to her Book". With the literary device personification, along with metaphor Bradstreet relates the book to a child, of ill form, descending from her "feeble brain", and expresses the shame and disapproval she felt due to the imperfection of the book.There's a strong possibility that Bradstreet suffered from low self-esteem, due to her uncertainty on the novel that she composed. Bradstreet insisted in condescending her own creation, her offspring, her child. Bradstreet ...view middle of the document...

"I cast thee by as one unfit for light". Not a literal casting, but what Bradstreet is attempting to relay to the reader is that she bestowed to the book a label as one "unfit for light". Perhaps this light she speaks of is spotlight, the ability to shine and stand out from the rest. Or possibly the light may represent fame. And due to all of its shortcomings "I stretched thy joints to make thee even feet, yet still thou run'st more hobbling than is meet." Unfortunately, due to her shame of the imperfection of this book, she found it "unfit for light", unworthy of the glory.If Bradstreet found the book unworthy of glory, in some form or fashion she was showing disapproval toward it, for if she approved of the book she would have found it more than worthy of note. "I stretched thy joints tom make thee even feet, Yet still thou run'st more hobbling than is meet". Bradstreet did all that she possibly could to perfect the book, yet still no matter how much she corrected it was still imperfect. So once she realized the text could not be improved she moved on to the outward appearance, "In better dress to trim thee was my mind, But nought save homespun cloth in the house I find", yet sstill she couldn't not repair anything.Alas, Bradstreet throws in the towel. After trying to repair the book time and time again, the last mood (attitude) she expresses with the reader is that of surrender. She acknowledges the reader of this with the last line of her poem, "which caused her thus to send thee out the door." After all of her attempts to keep the book from the public view, she had no other option yet to give it away, for it determined her survival.

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