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Article Critique
The spiral of silence: examining how cultural predispositions, news attention, and opinion congruency relate to opinion
“The spiral of silence: examining how cultural predispositions, news attention, and opinion congruency relate to opinion” expression by Shirley S. Ho, Vivian Hsueh-Hua Chen and Clarice C. Sim which was published in 2012. The purpose of the study was to examine new descriptive predictors behind the spiral of silence theory, for this purpose authors used the issue of legalization of same-sex marriage in Singapore. The aim of the authors was to explore new descriptive predictors of the spiral of silence theory by examining the potential main effects ...view middle of the document...

The researchers conducted a nationally representative survey of 979 Singapore residents, aged 18 years and older. Trained interviewers were used to conduct the interviews using the computer-assisted telephone interviewing software. The procedure was used to connect with households was random-digit-dialing. Respondents were requested to imagine that they were at a face-to-face gathering with people whom they did not know very well and who disagreed with their opinion about the legalization of same-sex marriage in Singapore (a highly controversial topic in Singapore) in order to measure their disposition to speak out.
The results show that fear of isolation and saving face were negatively associated with individuals’ willingness to express their opinion on the issue, as persons who had more fear of isolation or those with higher face concerns were less willing to express their selves, whereas news attention and issue salience were positively associated as respondents who paid higher attention to news were more willing to express their selves. Also, fear of isolation was negatively associated with individuals’ willingness to offer a rationale for their opinion, whereas news attention and issue salience were positively associated. Power distance had no effects on outspokenness. Notably, news attention moderated the influence of fear of isolation and saving face on public outspokenness.
The problem statements agreed with the title and seemed to be of educational significance, the author’s objectives were answerable although the problem was not clearly visible to the average reader, and it required several readings to establish why the researchers felt this study needed to be done. These hypotheses were testable and served to help explain the problem. To test the hypotheses researchers ran two hierarchical regression models. The dependent variables for the two models were the willingness of respondents to express their opinion (express opinion), and offer a rationale for their viewpoint (offer rationale). The methods used to gather...

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