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Running Head: ARTICLE RESPONSEArticle Response: John Locke, "Of Property."[Writer Name][Institute Name]Article Response: John Locke, "Of Property."In the Second Treatise of Government by John Locke wrote in 1690, writes about the right to private property. The chapter entitled "of property" tells how came the right to private property, and the role it plays in the state of nature, and the restrictions that have been set on private property rights, and the role the invention of money played in property rights and the role of property rights play after the establishment of the government. Locke makes important points about private property. According to Locke, the right to private property ...view middle of the document...

Nations today is classified as a communist China, North Korea, Cuba asked the Communist interface, but allows governments to privatize the property. In today's society, and the idea of private property acquired through work is evident in every state, and they become a problem.Article Response: Immanuel Kant, "Perpetual Peace: A Philosophic Sketch."Such Immanuel Kant , German philosopher famous author of eternal peace (1795) , that the world must be seen as a third area of public law and constitutional law and international law , which was attended by all nations and individuals have rights , and where individuals of these rights enjoyed by " citizens of Earth " instead of citizens of certain countries. Interesting cosmic many variables and they tend to be the concepts of justice and active social cooperation stands in stark contrast to that of Rawls restrictions on humanitarian intervention. Restorative justice is additional pop approach, usually in contrast to retributive justice. In restorative justice, and justice is seen as a form of healing (Kramer, 2004). Also be contrasted with many of the Christian approach , it is not so much a punishment orientation rejected as an alternative to blaming and shaming approach . Basically, restorative justice seeks to repair the harm caused any offense, and the empowerment of local communities, and reintegration of offenders (and victims) Back to "double down" through rituals of reconciliation. A key concept is forgiveness (which is seen as an antidote to hatred, revenge and permanent) (Kramer, 2004). Amnesty, the testimonies of victims, compensation and rehabilitation are the main ideas of the other. The idea is popular to some extent in the field of criminal justice, and in an international context, and often manifests in the form of truth, restorative justice and reconciliation. "Truth" in this context usually means...

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